Hannah Rae

HANNAH RAE (she/her) grew up in Eastern Washington and Idaho, where small town life instilled in her a desire to indulge in wild creativity early and often. Since moving to Seattle 9 years ago to attend the University of Washington, she has had the delight of dancing for and with many artists she deeply admires, including Alice Gosti, Rachael Lincoln, Molly Scott, Sara Jinks, Kaitlin McCarthy, and Jessica Jobaris & General Magic. Though movement has always been a positive force in her world, over two decades of dancing Hannah accumulated many injuries, which deeply influenced her creative and personal life. These experiences led her to ask-Can we honor our bodies while still using them as vessels for self expression? How does this change what it means to perform? As witnesses to ourselves and others? Thesxte questions are what currently inspires her in the studio, and in her teaching practice as a Pilates Instructor.

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