Beginning Modern with Kaitlin McCarthy

BEGINNING MODERN with Kaitlin McCarthy
Saturdays/ 9-10:15AM
Foundres Studio
$15 Drop-In / $12 Friend

Work your brain, body, and artistic spirit in this enlivening start to your weekend! An organic, easy-to-follow warm-up integrating strength-building, healthy alignment, and dance concepts will help students move with freedom both on the dance floor and in everyday life. This class focuses on applying concepts of weight, energy, rhythm, and momentum to choreographic phrases. A new combination is taught each week and students are given tools for learning phrase-work and inviting artistic expression. Through use of images and sequence, you can learn fun and dynamic choreography, even as a beginner. This class fuses a broad and eclectic mix of techniques that will prepare students to springboard into any dance form that piques their interest.

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