Class XChange

CLASS XCHANGE with Rotating Faculty
Mondays / 10-11:30AM 
Kawasaki Studio
by donation: $0-$15
*Teachers change every two weeks

Class Xchange is a co-op of skilled movers sharing techniques and training with working dance professionals. Our aim is to build community and safe space for emerging educators via peer learning experiences keeping dance class accessible/affordable. This is a great place to learn from your peers and test your teaching skills in a warm, collegial environment. Participants are encouraged to approach Class Xchange with ideas for a class or series of classes they’d like to try. Currently, Class Xchange works with teachers and students interested Modern, Contemporary, Ballet, and Improvised dance. If you’re interested in teaching, contact Vanessa De Wolf.


NOTE: Dec. 9 + 16 Class Xchange will be taught be Alia Swersky. See below for more info!

In this class we will explore physical rituals that play with sustaining challenging states in the body. Using rigorous pathways towards embodied inquiry and physical pleasure. We will explore forms of restriction that build resilience & experiences of the body’s accommodation to durational fatigue; and the inevitable release or decay that ensues. We will travel through these states as a community, which will allow for a uniqueness to your individual experiences and explorations. The whole class will be a ritual to be felt together with the support of an intentional soundscape by DJ QOQO ROBOQS. This ritual is a dedication to all species, including human,  that migrate & are impacted by the devastation of climate change.

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