Open Level Hip-Hop

OPEN LEVEL HIP-HOP with Lex Ramirez
Thursdays / 6:30-7:30PM 

This class mixes elements of Hip-Hop, street styles and commercial dance to create short combos to your favorite new and classic hits. Designed for dancers of all levels, the goal is to create a supportive space to explore your passion for dance- whether you are new to it, returning after a break, ready to move up from the Intro Course or want to get a nice workout! In addition to choreography, we will focus on texture, detail, musicality, and performance techniques. Classes include a short warm-up followed by a breakdown of choreography. Drop-ins are welcome, however, attending class consecutively is encouraged for seeing improvement!


About the artist 

Lex Ramirez image

Lex Ramirez

LEX RAMIREZ (she/her) is a teaching artist, performer and choreographer from Oakland, CA and has been living in Seattle for 6 years. Her main mission is to make dance accessible and less intimidating to all people so that they can experience the joy of movement. It is important to her to cultivate a fun, supportive community where dancers of all experience levels can thrive! Lex has been choreographing for the past 15 years. Her experience includes teaching at Salsa N’ Seattle for the past 5 years, leading Drop Squad, a crew open to dancers of all experience levels, choreographing for local Seattle artists, running an all-girls hip hop and social justice program at Denny and Aki Kurose Middle Schools, organizing affordable community dance workshops in the summer and providing a platform for new instructors to gain teaching experience. Lex also works as both a teaching artist and coordinator for Seattle Theatre Group, involved with programs such as Dance This, AileyCamp, Disney Musicals in Schools and the STG Dance Season. 

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