Intermediate Modern

Mondays / 6-7:30PM
Founders Studio
$15 Drop-In / $12 Friend

Class starts on the floor with breath, connecting to the core and building strength. Drawing heavily on flow and momentum, dancers are challenged to shift weight quickly; isolate body parts; and move bigger, stronger, and faster. Focus is placed on understanding and maintaining healthy alignment while exploring fall and recovery, rebound, suspension and spirals. This class flows through traditionally structured exercises and guided improvisations incorporating ideas from laban/bartenieff fundamentals as well as release and countertechnique principles. Solid technical practice is paired with individual exploration. The dialogue between work and play is important. Increased spinal mobility, range of motion, articulation, and physical prowess are the goals. Class culminates with fun, challenging phrases that emphasize rhythmic dynamics and artistic expression. This class is geared toward dancers with a solid movement background. 

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