Intro to Hip-Hop: Saturdays

INTRO TO HIP-HOP with Michael O’Neal Jr.
Saturdays / 10:30AM-Noon
Founders Studio
$100 for one 6-week series

Hip-Hop Culture and Dance started in the 1970s in the Bronx New York, both the culture and dances were created by marginalized communities, those of Black and Latinx youth. This culture was created out of resistance against what these communities were dealing with at the time and continue to deal with, including being treated poorly violence, drugs, gangs. Hip-Hop culture was made to give youth a chance to still be happy and feel community despite what they were going through. Hip-hop social dancing (party dancing) began when Hip-Hop musical artists started to release songs with accompanying dances but has a history longer than Hip-Hop with dances like the “Mashed Potatoes” from James Brown and has history of social dances from resistance like the Charleston.

This class draws movement and inspiration from Street/Club styles Majinn has trained in or been influenced by (Breaking, Popping, Locking, House, Waacking, etc.) but will be primarily focused in Hip-Hop Social Dances and some beginner Breaking. This class will help others learn some history of Hip-Hop dance as well as gain a larger vocabulary in Hip-Hop dance and have fun. Class movement is heavily influenced by the beats, tone, and lyrics of the music used while still allowing for students to add their own personal individuality to the choreography. Every three weeks will combine new party moves and choreography with new music, which will vary in movement and feeling. Warm-up consists of dynamic stability exercises, isolations, rocking, bouncing, freestyling, and learning to feel the music physically and hopefully emotionally. Come ready to be yourself, have fun, and challenge yourself! Notable Hip-Hop Dancers to look up are those in Elite Force Dance Crew and Mop Tops Dance crew.

Fall 2019

SERIES I – Sept 7, Sept 15, Sept 22, Sept 29, Oct 5, Oct 12
SERIES II – Oct 19, Oct 26, Nov 2, Nov 9, Nov 16, Nov 23


Winter 2020

SERIES I – Jan 11 – Feb 15
SERIES II – Feb 22-March 28
SERIES III – April 4-May 9
SERIES IV – May 16-June 27
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