Masterclass Series: Daniel Costa

Dynamic Form
Thurs Oct 10 / 6-7:30PM
Fri Oct. 25 / 10-11:30AM
Fri Nov 22 / 10-11:30AM
Thurs Dec 5 / 6-7:30PM
Fri Dec 20 / 10-11:30AM

Costa’s studies of somatics, conditioning, floorwork, Ballet, Modern Dance and Funk / Hip Hop intersect in a contemporary dance class that blends different styles and physical practices. Class acts as a lab for the participant to explore their individuality, technique and artistry. Class consists of conditioning, drills, a technical warm-up and large phrases of movement with an emphasis on upright choreography that incorporates waving, liquid dancing, isolations, movement in and out of the floor, spiral sequencing and distill initiation. Each class will conclude with learning and performing Costa’s choreography. Participants will have time to perform for their peers in small groups to hone their performance skills. Costa is interested in coaching participants to unlock more of their unlimited potential, individuality and confidence even when the context of the movement is unfamiliar.

*Adequate experience in Contemporary Dance or Ballet is required for the participant to sufficiently and safely move through the technical warm-up and approach the choreography at the end of class.

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