When You Move I Move with Dani Tirrell

WHEN YOU MOVE I MOVE with Dani Tirrell
2nd + 4th Mondays / 6-7:30PM
Founders Studio
$18 or pay what you can

When You Move I Move is a guided practice that involves principles often used in street dance practice and theory.

This movement class will use movement (dance) that is found in 90’s party grooves, House Dance, Breaking and other Hip-Hop (street/club) dance forms to focus on community building and how these movements at times centered on protest and self love.

The base of this practice will be centered on improvisation, building on what dancers have learned from the above mentioned dance forms and also movement that is a part of their cultural practice/history. Choreography will not be the main focus in this movement practice, this does not mean that choreography will not be introduced. Those attending the class will learn foundational movement from varying dance techniques, in order to broaden their movement vocabulary and give them more options to explore their personal dance language. Participants in class work in solos, duets and groups.

Dancers will gain more knowledge on cyphering, following, leading, finding more expression in self and connection to ancestors and those sharing the space with them. Class will be different each time, depending on who is in the room and what will be shared. A big part of this guided class will be learning the history of dance and protest and how that showed up in different dance forms.

From Dani:

“I am will ask each participant in class to refrain from movement and postures that are anti-Black and appropriate Blackness. You will be asked to tap into the practices and movement language of your ancestors and your community so you can begin to bring your full self to this movement class. This class is open to all but we center the lives of BIPOC spirits/Black Women and people of varying abilities.

I am a person doing their best to try and use dance as a way to find my most honest self. I ask for those in class with with to bring all emotions, joy, hope, pain and love in the space with them. I ask that they fully engage in a practice that respects what Black people brought to dance and centering Black women at the core of our practice. This class is an extension of what my time as an Artist in Residence at Velocity will entail. I will explore movement with in community, African Diasporic movements that reach across the country and beyond.”

About the artist

Dani Tirrell image

Dani Tirrell

DANI TIRRELL (Velocity 2020 Artist-In-Residence) is a Black, Queer, Gender Non-Conforming movement-based artist. Dani uses his/her name as his/her pronouns.  The focus of Dani’s work is centered on Black women/womxn/womyn that includes trans and GNC women/womxn/womyn. Dani focuses a lot on expressing Dani’s identity as a femme being living on this planet.  Dani has background in modern dance but does not limit work to that medium. Dani also incorporates House, Vouge and Whacking. Dani creates work that is structured as well as improvised.

Race is also at the center of Dani’s work.  Dani often thinks about how Dani’s body is viewed in this country (United States) and how Dani’s body is viewed in Black non-queer and white spaces.  Dani uses the concepts of what it means to be beautiful and ugly to create conversations about being in Dani’s body.

Dani has choreographed works for Northwest Tap Connection (Seattle), Full Circle Dance Company (Detroit), Jazz and Spirit Dance Theater of Detroit (Detroit), Detroit Windsor Dance Academy (Detroit) and Vision Center Stage Dance Company (Detroit).  Dani choreographed for the premier of House of Dinah written by Jerome A. Parker and Directed by Andrew Russell. House of Dinah premiered at On the Boards in the 2016/2017 season. Dani has also taught workshops centered on gender/sexuality/race at Texas Festival of Dance Improvisation (Texas Women’s University).

Dani’s latest work Black Bois premiered at On the Boards (Seattle) in April 2018. Currently Dani’s work focuses on the queer, gender non-conforming and black experience.  In March of 2018, Dani curated On the Boards Open Studio Showcase. Dani is the curator 2018/2019 season of Central District Forum of Arts and Ideas (Seattle). Dani will continue with the position of lecturer in the University of Washington Dance Department, teaching Street and Club Styles.

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