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Access Velocity is Velocity’s initiative to support independently produced performances by Seattle artists in our flexible Founders Theater. We offer three affordable rental packages that respond to artists’ different performance needs and offer theater rental support systems that reflect the highest national standards. Artists + organizations who have utilized Access Velocity for their independently produced performances include David Schmader/Intiman Theatre, Pat Graney, Mo’ Wave Festival, Kate Wallich, Full Tilt, The 3 Yells + more!


Upcoming Access Velocity events:

RUBY BEH PRESENTS: CRESCENDO, A BELLYDANCE PROJECT: Choreography by Ruby Beh and members of the Bellingham Performance Project. NOV 2 / 7:30 PM / TICKETS

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MOON FALLING / THE THREE YELLS PERFORMANCE COMPANYChoreography by Veronica Lee-Baik, performances by Hayley Shannon, Kaitlyn Dye, Alyssa Wheeler, Kristina Koumaeva, Emily Durand, Corina Dalzell, and Mariah Martens. NOV 7-8 / 8PM / TICKETS



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Choreography by Althea Fantast, Alyza DelPan-Monley, Angelica DeLashmette, Corina Iona Dalzell, Dana Stream, Kathryn Hightower, Kimberly Holloway, Kori Martodam + Ktisk contemporary dance. NOV 21 + 22 / 8PM / TICKETS / INDIEGOGO


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