The ARTIST IN RESIDENCE (A.I.R.) PROGRAM serves the needs of accomplished professional dance + movement-based artists or collaborative teams engaged in the process of research / creation, by providing free space + time for work, reflection, and community interaction. The Artist in Residence also interfaces with other Velocity programs throughout the year.

The A.I.R. is required to show work in at least one Velocity program in their year in residence, and acts as an advisor for The Bridge Project. Additionally, the A.I.R. is also invited to devise with Velocity on-site or outreach activities that support their creative process while fostering meaningful links between the Artist In Residence + the community. These opportunities may include performances, curated exhibitions, community conversations, open rehearsals, classes, media projects, humanities events or other formats.

In 2012, Velocity expanded its Residency program to also include annual CREATIVE RESIDENTS, awarded 10-80 hour space grants. Residency outcomes can include performances, interactive events, exhibitions + installations; all designed to support the creative process of selected artists.



The center of Seattle in the heart of the Capitol Hill Arts District within Seattle’s premier art center dedicated to contemporary dance and performance. Velocity functions as an education, performance and movement laboratory with three studios and a studio theater. It does not offer living accommodation.


Each year, one A.I.R., at no cost, is provided with studio accommodations of approx. 150-300 hours a year, over a 6-12 month period. From the A.I.R. application pool, Creative Residents may also be selected for shorter self-directed residencies. Creative Residents receive, at no cost, studio accommodations compatible with available studio space, facilities and resources up to a maximum of 80 hours a year during the following annual sessions.

  • Session I: Jan 1-July 8
  • Session II: Aug 8-Sept 8
  • Session III: Sept 8-Jan 1


Performance, Interactive events, Exhibitions, Workshops, Installations or other related activities designed to support the individualized creative process of selected artists.


  1. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in participating in A.I.R. or the Creative Resident Program 2017, please send a letter of interest to Tonya Lockyer by November 1.
  2. Selected Seattle-based artists will be required to discuss their proposals with Velocity’s Executive/Artistic Director, and may be asked to submit an application. Proposals for self-directed creative residencies must be compatible with available studio space, facilities and resources.
  3. Out of Town Applications: 2 work samples, 1-page resume, references, and a 300-400 word statement describing your work plan while in residence. In the statement include:
  • Are you applying to be A.I.R., a Creative Resident, or both?
  • Personal and artistic goals for the residency period
  • Motivations that are a critical part of your process as a whole or for the proposed residency
  • Questions, concepts, materials, processes, structures, external sources or subjects central to your current work
  • Ways you might be interested in interfacing with other Velocity programs






KT NIEHOFFKT Model Tim Summers is Velocity’s Artist in Service.

NIEHOFF is an entrepreneurial generative artist, performer, and producer working in the field of multi-disciplinary, new performance…











2016 Creative Residents

Kate Wallich  katewallich.com
Jody Kuehner  cherdonna.com
Kim Lusk  kimlusk.com
Dylan Ward  sleepnod.org
ilvs strauss  ilvsstrauss.com
Stephanie Liapis  stephanieliapis.com
Nathan Blackwell
Ashleigh Miller  faunix.com
Mary Sheldon Scott  marysheldonscott.com
Dani Tirrell

Alex Crozier
Jade Solomon Curtis  jadesolomon.com
Morgan Thorson (MPL)  mancc.org
Coleman Pester tectonicmarrowsociety.com




Artist in residence ALUMNI

Alice Gosti (2015) gostia.com
Jody Keuhner, aka Cherdonna Shinatra (2014) cherdonna.com
Dayna Hanson (2013) daynahanson.com
zoe | juniper (2012)  zoejuniper.org
Amy O’Neal (2011)  tinyrage.com
Amelia Reeber (2010)  ameliareeber.com
Mark Haim (2009)
Molly Scott (2008)  scottpowell.org
Crispin Spaeth (2007)  spaethprojects.com/dance





// 2015 //
Next Fest NW Artists: Daniel Costa, Elby Brosch, Laura Aschoff, Randy Ford, Imana Gunawan, JuJu Kusanagi + Julia Sloane
Kate Wallich
Made in Seattle Artists: Anna Conner + Co / Babette DeLafayette + John Marc Powell
Karin Stevens karinstevensdance.com
Matt Drews  mattdrews.com
Kim Lusk
Dani Tirrell
ilvs strauss
Ezra Dickinson
Lavinia Vago
Jade Solomon Curtis
Monica Bill Barnes + Co
Maya Soto + Nico Tower (partnership with 10 degrees)  mayasotodance.com
Mark Haim + Jesse Zaritt markhaimart.com
Bridge Project Artists: Hannah Simmons, Coleman Pester, Adriana Hernandez, Dylan Ward (UW)


// 2014 //
Next Fest NW Artists: Kim Lusk, Alexandra Maricich + Mariah Martens, Colleen McNeary, Modern Recollections, Ariana Bird, Luke Gutgsell, Anna Conner
Alana O’Farrell Rogers alanaorogers.org
Ellie Sandstrom sandstrommovement.com
Tahni Holt tahniholt.com
Molly Sides   mollysides.com
Sara Shelton Mann Project Artists: Beth Graczyk, Alice Gosti, Alia Swersky
Coriolis Dance  coriolisdance.com
SCUBA Artsits: Elia Mrak + Erica Badgeley
Bridge Project Artists: Shannon Stewart, Colleen McNeary, Anna Conner + Babette Pendleton McGeady


// 2013 //
Next Fest NW Artists: Gender Tender, Coleman Pester/Tectonic Marrow Society, Nathan Blackwell, Dylan Ward, Alana O Rogers, Matt Drews + Coulliette [the Pendleton House], Lexi Hamill
Anna Conner annaconnerandco.wordpress.com
Kate Wallich + The YC with Andrew Bartee  companywallich.com
zoe | juniper zoejuniper.org
Shannon Stewart  feetlikebirds.blogspot.com
Maureen Whiting maureenwhitingco.org



// 2012 //
Kate Wallich  companywallich.com
Shannon Stewart  feetlikebirds.blogspot.com
Catherine Cabeen  catherinecabeen.com
Danielle Agami danielleagami.com
Brian Rogers chocolatefactorytheater.org


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