Strictly Seattle FAQ

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Zoe Scofield / Photo by Joseph Lambert

Where is Strictly Seattle?

Strictly Seattle is housed at Velocity Dance Center in Capitol Hill // 1621 12 Ave. Seattle, 98122.
Performances will be at Broadway Performance Hall // 1625 Broadway, Seattle, 98122.

When is Strictly Seattle?

Strictly Seattle takes place July 5-25, 2015.
Performances are July 24 + 25, 2015.

What level should I be in?

To choose your level, consider the kind of experience you would like to have this summer! The intensive ideally offers you a balance between challenges and growth. Talk to a teacher or instructor who knows your dancing well, and have a conversation about what level you would thrive in. See level descriptions here.

Will there be an opportunity to show work?

One of the most valuable aspects of attending a summer dance intensive is the opportunity to engage daily with a motivated community of artists. In addition to these daily exchanges, there is the Strictly Seattle Student Choreography Showcase on July 18th at 7PM. Spaces are limited, and you can sign up after the intensive’s Opening Circle.
We will also be holding a special edition of our SH*T GOLD program on July 12th from 4-10PM. Find our more information and sign up to show work here.

Do you offer housing?

Velocity offers housing at the Cornish College of the Arts 7th Avenue Residence Hall. Housing for Strictly Seattle is $630. This year, we have twenty-two spots available. They will be served on a first-come-first-serve basis. Housing Applications are due by June 22, 2015. Click here for the Housing Application.

Does Strictly Seattle have an audition?

There are no auditions required for acceptance into Strictly Seattle.

  • For the Professional Advanced Performance track there will be an audition on the first day of the intensive (July 5) to determine which choreographer you will be working/rehearsing with for the duration of the intensive and to ensure the best fit for everyone.  The audition on July 5 will consist of learning bits and pieces of choreography from each choreographer.
  • For the Intermediate/Adult Beginning tracks, the first day of class will serve as an opportunity for the teachers to ensure proper level placement for each student.

Does Velocity provide financial aid/scholarships/workstudy?

We are unable to provide financial aid, but we do offer an Early Bird registration discount, Internships and Work/Study Scholarships.

  • One way to save money on Strictly Seattle is to register by April 10, 2015 to get the Early Bird discount. Click here to register.
  • We offer full scholarships via our Internship program. Applications were due April 10, 2015.
  • We offer partial scholarships via our summer Work/Study program. Work/Study scholarship students are essential to creating Velocity’s comfortable environment. This includes keeping the space neat, tidy, and welcoming to all. Applications were due April 10, 2015
  • We welcome applications from everywhere. The interview process can happen either in person, on the phone, or via Skype.
  • To qualify for Maximum Velocity (Strictly Seattle + SFDI) Work/Study, also apply for SFDI Work/Study. Applications were due April 10, 2015.
  • Velocity’s yearly Work/Study program is a separate application that you can find here.

What is the daily schedule like?

The daily schedule for the Professional/Advanced track is 9:30AM-5:30PM with two classes in the morning, a lunch break, and afternoon rehearsals. For the Intermediate and Adult Beginning tracks, the daily schedule includes daily technique class, a short break, and rehearsals.

Is there public transportation near Velocity?

Yes! Public transportation in Seattle is a great way to see and get familiar with the city. The bus system takes exact change only, or you can buy an Orca card here. There are two great smartphone apps that make bus riding easier: One Bus Away and Hop Stop.

What is there to do on the weekends?

On your first day of the intensive you’ll receive a Welcome Packet with a map and some great options for weekend adventures. Velocity is located in one of the most culturally vibrant neighborhoods in Seattle—a city known for great art, music, culture and natural beauty. Use your weekends to explore the city, take a ferry to a neighboring island, or take advantage of Velocity’s weekend offerings including classes, performances, movie nights + more.

Will I be the only dancer not from Seattle?

No! Strictly Seattle students come from all across the country!

Will there be pointe work?

Strictly Seattle weaves ballet technique into the weekly schedule, however there is no pointe work in these classes.

How many people will be in my technique class?

To ensure a great experience for everyone, Strictly Seattle technique classes are limited to 20-25 dancers.

What if I have a potential conflict with rehearsals?

Coming late/leaving early is not recommended. Fully immersing yourself into the process is ideal, and allows for a rich creative process. Please speak with a Velocity’s Programming Coordinator Cait Wyler ( and your choreographer if you have unavoidable conflicts.


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