There is a deep hunger from artists, critics and audiences to continue discussions within their communities.

With STANCE, Velocity hopes to meet the challenges of social engagement in creating a public forum that responds to ways artists and audiences share stories, engage with live performances and connect with current issues.

STANCE is the online and mobile component of Velocity’s proactive engagement with artists, audiences and communities. With online conversations, curated writing, podcasts, artist interviews, videos and user-generated material, STANCE’s online presence is crucial for Velocity to effectively advocate for dance as an essential component to cultural vitality.

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Velocity’s Artistic Director, Tonya Lockyer, contextualizes STANCE:

What is STANCE?
STANCE is Velocity Dance Center’s online journal of choreographic culture.

What is “choreographic culture”?

Choreographic Culture describes any aspects of culture that rely on the organization of movement in space and/or time. Choreographic Culture is a versatile, expansive field of study that can include dance studies, art history, philosophy, anthropology, political science, gender studies, cultural studies, performance studies, neurology . . . to focus on aspects of culture that rely on kinetic organization.

The versatility of Choreographic Culture stems from the broad range of ‘objects’ that can be included under the term “choreographic culture.” The choreographic can include the kinetic organization of bodies, objects and ideas. Kinetic organization can also be pre-determined, spontaneously constructed, collectively derived, unconsciously manifested.

We choreograph our lives through the city, but the city also choreographs us.

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© 2012 Tonya Lockyer


STANCE Executive Editor // Tonya Lockyer

STANCE Managing Editor// Erin Johnson

STANCE Content Manager// Maris Antolin

Original Concept// Tonya Lockyer, Mary Margaret Moore, David Wolbrecht, Syniva Whitney

Original Design// Grace Poetzinger + WPShower

Past Editors// Syniva Whitney, Mary Margaret Moore, Jan Trumbauer, Tyler P. Wardwell, William D. Brattain

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