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Velocity encourages dancers of all levels to reach their maximum potential. Instructors are highly experienced in their art and generous with their knowledge and encouragement in class. Instruction is geared toward motivating the individual student and encouraging personal exploration of movement. All classes at Velocity have a strong technical base but are eclectic in their style of movement expression. Drop-ins are welcome in all classes, unless otherwise noted.

WHAT’S MY LEVEL? Velocity instructors are happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have about your fit in a particular class. The level guidelines below are simply guidelines- we suggest that you try out a few classes to find one that best suits your needs.

INTRO TO DANCE / HIP HOP SERIES — Designed for the true beginner with no prior dance experience.

ALL LEVELS — Mixed level class, accessible to dancers of all levels.

BEGINNING — For students with little or no prior movement experience.

SLOW INTERMEDIATE — For students with a grasp of basic movement and alignment concepts. An intermediary step between beginning and intermediate levels.

INTERMEDIATE — For students with a strong understanding of movement and alignment principals. Students should be physically and mentally ready for the challenge of more material, a faster paced class, and elements of risk in movement.

INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED — Appropriate for both intermediate and advanced dancers.

ADVANCED — For students with a high level of proficiency and understanding of movement and alignment concepts, who are ready for a deeper development of their personal expression as dancers.

PROFESSIONAL/ADVANCED — Velocity was founded with the goal to offer daily professional level dance classes to the Seattle dance community. 16 years later we still offer daily morning class by locally + nationally recognized teachers.

**Velocity classes are open to all students 15 years of age and older.
**There is no specific dress code or foot wear; just wear comfortable clothes you can move in. Socks or bare feet are fine for most classes.
**Children are welcome to watch some classes; look for “Kid Friendly” to learn which ones!


// Class Descriptions //




Intro to Dance: Are you interested in dance but not sure where to start?  Have you taken a beginning ballet or modern class and wondered if there was a MORE beginning level?  Are you intimidated to drop into an ongoing class? This 8-week series is for you! Learn basic dance vocabulary used in Velocity’s ongoing ballet and modern classes with other students who have no previous dance experience. You will learn basic class etiquette and modern dance technique while developing body awareness and comfort dancing in a group. We will also explore tactics to remember choreography by learning and building on phrases each week. Intro to dance sets you up to continue exploring contemporary dance classes, other dance forms, and to simply feel more comfortable on any dance floor.

Velocity Founders Studios 1621 12th Ave
$115 for the 8-week series / $85 for the 6-week series


Velocity Kawasaki Studio 1621 12th Ave
$85 for the 6-week series


Velocity Kawasaki Studio 1621 12th Ave
$85 for the 6-week series


Velocity Founders Studio 1621 12th Ave
$85 for the 6-week series



Advanced / Professional Contemporary Technique with Stephanie Liapis: 
Stephanie’s class is based in release technique and highly influenced by her work with Doug Varone & Dancers. Class begins with a guided improvisation investigating ideas of weight, effort level and sensation. The aim is to help students increase awareness of both intrinsic motivations as well as the body’s relationship to space. These concepts are further explored and developed through more traditionally structured exercises.  Students are asked to move boldly and physically, finding ease in the joints and committing to the movement task at hand. Class culminates with a vigorous, high-energy movement phrase.

Advanced / Professional Modern with Wade Madsen: In Wade’s Advanced Modern class students learn to develop keener awareness of their bodies, beginning on the floor with subtle movements of the pelvis and moving into core strength and full body connections. When the class moves to standing, it follows a vigorous and recurring movement structure for spinal mobility and strength. Ongoing standing exercises set the class in motion. Wade’s class addresses strength, stamina, and flexibility and finds its roots in momentum and multiple articulations.  The final combinations, challenge the mind and the body, and develop students’ endurance.  Advanced dancers have been training in Wade’s class for more than a decade and a half, keeping the level high and providing opportunities for peers to push one another in a supportive environment. Kid friendly

Advanced / Professional Contemporary with Coleman Pester: In class we will research the use of momentum, weight, and successive articulation of our bodies into and out of the floor. Anouk van Dijk’s Countertechnique and Bill Forsythe’s improvisational technologies inspire the lens and approach to these elements. We will give value to our differences as catalyst for clarity and deeper understanding of the movement, both physically and theoretically. With a strong emphasis on initiation and release we will work together, through practice and discussion, to build a communal understanding of how the movement is applicable to every body. In the final portion of class we will exercise our responsibility to be perceptive decision makers. We will use our understanding of the movement accumulated throughout class as a vehicle to put into practice our awareness and ability to respond to what is happening around us.

Advanced / Professional Contemporary with Jody Kuehner:   This technique class will begin with a warm up that builds heat in the body through continuous flow. We will strengthen the stabilizing muscles of the pelvis, work through concepts of widening and narrowing, use elements of Ashtanga yoga to stretch as well as prepare for inversions. The class will be a container for the advanced body to explore these concepts and train through a physical practice. We will get on our hands and work various inversion across the floor. Movement material at the end of class will focus on spinal articulation, complicated sequencing, low and wide weight shifting, floor work, all set to pop music for fun!

Advanced / Professional Contemporary with Kate Wallich: Class will be an accumulation of movement integration, sensation/awareness, and strength building.  Leading in and out of various states of movement, we will focus on qualitative and dynamic research in the body.  We will push toward physical exhaustion and find balance inside of technique.  Based on various practices of improvisation, we will touch on basic technical forms and approach these with a heightened sense of the self.  We will play with dialoguing simple movement vocabularies to push towards a communicative body. This class is highly physical and we will learn movement material.

Afro Modern Funk with Maxie Jamal: Take a break from your traditional Modern dance experience. At times utilizing live drums to carry the spirit of innovation, passion and storytelling through gesture, this class is a unique blend of African movement, using a modern approach, with a funky hip hop groove.  Remembering as the drum calls we must come. This class is a modernized reflection of African dance styles from an African American point of view.It will take participants on a journey through the evolution of African movement into Modern, then hip hop, until finally arriving at Afro Modern Funk.

All Levels Contemporary Flow with Matt Drews: A movement incubator, both technical and improvisational, crafted to ignite union with your highest self. A fleshy gaga inspired dance experience to enliven healing and pleasure within your body. We begin as self propelling individuals towards a communicative body with communal awareness. We will experience our body as a conduit for many textures, images, states, and rhythms. Our heightened and available bodies will generate compositional perspectives towards connection. Then excavate our boundaries between physical, emotional, cerebral, and energetic. A conscious practice to investigate the complexities of being and move towards blissful embodiment.

A contemporary approach to Graham Technique with Joshua Crouch: In recent years the graham company has gone through a major revival. With a young company empowered by the foundation of Graham to taken on the repertory of some of most exciting new choreographers working today. This is welcoming class that takes a somatic approach to the original technique built on spirals, imagery and breath. With Joshua Crouch.

Beginning Modern with Kaitlin McCarthy: Work your brain, body, and artistic spirit! An organic, easy-to-follow warm up integrates strength-building, healthy alignment, and dance concepts that will help students move with freedom both on the dance floor and in everyday life. This class focuses on applying concepts of weight, energy, rhythm, and momentum to choreographic phrases. A new combination is taught each week and students are given tools for learning phrase-work and inviting artistic expression. Through use of images and sequence, YOU can learn fun and dynamic choreography, even as a beginner! This class fuses a broad and eclectic mix of techniques that will prepare students to springboard into any dance form that peaks their interest. An enlivening start to your weekend! Kid friendly

Contemporary Practices with Patrick Kilbane: Develop the tools required of today’s contemporary dance artist. Get curious and dive into a supportive and challenging environment while waking up to your experience. Explore form, improvisation, strength + stamina, choreographic material and the pursuit of pleasure. Some dance experience suggested but not required. All levels.

Dance Church with Kate Wallich: Dance Church is an all abilities movement class that offers a fun, nonexclusive approach to dancing. Designed for people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and identities, Dance Church is a communal space for everyone who wants to move their body. No previous training is required, but open-mindedness is a prerequisite. Over the course of 90 minutes, Kate guides the class in a series of movement cues, accompanied by a curated playlist of multi-genre pop music. The group listens, explores, laughs and sweats together. From the elation of exhaustion to the stillness of a daydream, Dance Church is a physical wild ride. The mirrors are covered, the lighting is dim and the music is loud. The format is open, there is no front. This is the dance party you wish you had last night. Dance Church was created by Kate Wallich in 2010. www.katewallich.com/#/dance_church

Intermediate Modern with Cait Wyler: Reconnect to your roots and get into your body. This class explores concepts of weight, dynamic rhythm, increased range of motion, and extension of the body through space. We will begin warm-up with stabilization exercises, continue with across the floor work, and finish with a phrase that integrates earlier class concepts to build stamina and artistry. This class is geared toward dancers who have some movement experience and a solid understanding of the body. Kid Friendly

Intermediate / Advanced Modern with Kaitlyn (KJ) Dye: This class emphasizes anatomical efficiency in order to deepen the understanding of our bodies.  Using momentum, weight, and breath, class will develop the students understanding of body pathways as we move gently from the floor to standing. Traditional exercises cultivate lines of energy, while guided improvisations encourage students to test their personal boundaries. Together these prepare students for the final phrase where we investigate our furthest potential using our internal and external axes. We will move boldly upside down to right side up and use the floor as a partner. Class becomes our ritual. We will set intentions and always thank our bodies for dancing.

Intermediate Modern Technique with Maya Soto: Class starts on the floor with breath; connecting to the core and building strength. Drawing heavily on flow and momentum, dancers are challenged to shift weight quickly, isolate body parts and move bigger, stronger and faster. Focus is placed on understanding and maintaining healthy alignment while moving. This class flows through traditionally structured exercises and guided improvisations inspired by release and countertechnique principles. Solid technical practice is paired with individual exploration. The dialogue between work and play is important. Increased spinal mobility, range of motion, articulation and specificity are the goals. Class culminates with fun challenging phrases that emphasize rhythmic dynamics and artistic expression. This class is geared toward dancers with a solid movement background. Kid friendly

Movement Jam with rotating faculty: The Contact Improvisation Sunday jam is an open event, welcoming everyone. It has been happening around the world since 1985, and typically includes people across a broad range of experience. It’s not a class, but usually includes people happy to explore at whatever level, discuss questions, and if asked, provide guidance. If you’re willing to explore in order to find your way, the jam is a great opportunity to practice and enjoy contact improvisation. For more info, join the Seattle Contact Improvisation email group or Facebook Group. Cost: $5 – $8 sliding scale.

Partnering Technique with Leslie Krauss and Brandin Steffensen: Using techniques gleaned from choreography, composition, and improvisation we develop the strength and responsiveness to perform nuanced partnering work. How do we use gravity, the floor, stabilization, and lever/fulcrum systems to create and recreate surprising dynamic entanglements? We ask further, how can these efforts inform our understanding of relating to another body for the purpose of choreographic potential? Besides concentrating only on physical dancing and technique in class, we find our hearts really begins to tick when dancers integrate intention into each movement.   What a movement actually is often pales in comparison to how a movement is done.  We bring this concept to each class using various theatrical exercises as well.

Timeless Modern with Shirley Jenkins: For the ‘Forever Dancing Spirit’, Shirley designed her class after/during recovery from cancer, back surgery and hip replacement.  Throughout her distinguished 36+ year dance career, Shirley has developed her own artistic voice, inspired by modern dance masters and the knowledge of somatics.  Her movement is lyrical, rhythmic, romantic, sensual and musical. Attention is given to pelvic stabilization and core strengthening while she guides you through a well-crafted dance experience. This class is popular with artists who danced professionally for many years, or are returning to dance after many years of hiatus. The level is Intermediate with an advanced understanding of quality and form. All are welcome.





Beginning Ballet with Cait Wyler: Whether this is your first plie or you’ve danced since you could walk, this class is designed to reconnect you to the basics. Through traditional ballet exercises we will explore how to properly support the weight of the body to build strength and flexibility. A supportive environment and exciting combinations help you tackle new challenges to support your artistry! Kid friendly

Beginning Ballet with Kaitlin McCarthy: Come learn the fun and rewarding practice of ballet. Traditional and not-so-traditional ballet exercises combine for a thoughtful, anatomically-aware workout while increasing grace, coordination, posture, and strength. Working through imagery and sensation, the class will build a solid foundation in basic ballet steps as well as working with musicality and developing skills for learning choreography. The fun, supportive environment is perfect for the beginning dancer looking to tackle new steps, or the experienced looking to hone their technique. This class celebrates ballet’s rich theatrical history with choreography that encourages a broad range of dramatic expression and unbridled, joyous dancing! Kid friendly

Intermediate Ballet with Kyle Johnson: This class is designed for intermediate levels dancers with a working knowledge of ballet, or for advanced dancers looking to further refine their ballet technique. We will focus on proper alignment, core strength, musicality & phrasing, and learning to work with your body without unnecessary tension and stress, in a manner that promotes longevity. This class is a safe space to explore your technique in a judgement-free forum.

Intermediate Ballet with Mark Haim: Ground your modern and release with fluency in classical technique. This class works for advanced dancers as well as dancers with a good working knowledge of ballet.  Here, we dance first, perfect ourselves second. Or maybe even third. We dance to a variety of music-—classical, contemporary, solo instrumental, orchestral—and have a great time working on flexibility, strength, musicality, fluidity, phrasing, and, of course,the joy of moving! Kid friendly





Yoga with Sarah Foster: This class will spark a sense of curiosity and desire to delve deeper into your practice while also feeling like you are coming home. The Vinyasa practice Foster teaches has a strong dance like quality. The art and choreography of class is found in the transitions between poses. She teaches an athletic class constructed to cultivate strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Yoga with Kathleen Hunt: Yoga Flow builds strength, stamina and flexibility; combines Vinyasa (flowing movement sequences) with slow, sustained stretches, refinement of alignment in held poses, as well as breath awareness and mental focus. Yoga has been defined as ‘Awareness in Action’. We are reminded to listen to our bodies and enjoy the evolution of becoming fully present in the here and now. All levels welcome.

Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® with Mary Margaret Moore: In this Feldenkrais Method® group class, students engage their own somatic process of learning, by reconnecting to their natural abilities to move, think, and feel. Led by verbal instruction through a series of gentle movement sequences, students become aware of their neuromuscular habits and rigidities and learn to move in new ways. Learning to move with less effort makes daily life easier, and is an important key to overcoming limitations brought on by stress, misuse, injury, or illness. It is a practice that cultivates mental awareness and creativity. Musicians, actors, dancers and artists of all kinds can extend their abilities and enhance their creativity. Seniors enjoy using it to retain or regain their ability to move without strain or discomfort. Everyone from athletes to artists, attorneys to administrators can benefit from the Feldenkrais Method. If you know you would like a layer of padding or support between you and the floor when you lay, sit or stand, bring your own mat, pad or blanket with you.

Candlelit Yoga with Alyssa Yackley + Sarah Foster: Yoga means “to yoke” or to bring together. Rooted in the traditions of Hatha Yoga we experience our consciousness as dance between dark and light. This class is structured to seam together breath and movement, the mind and body, the subtle and expansive. A practice which aims to unite and converse with the polarities inside our being. It begins with a solar influenced power vinyasa flow, that softens and trickles into a lunar cooling of restoration and receptivity. Accompanied by the low glow of candles, a warm community and music.




Hip Hop with Jaret Hughes:
 Learn to move and groove with just the basics. Learn today’s hottest Hip Hop moves with an occassional old skool flare including progressions across the floor. This high energy, intense class is sure to get you movin and groovin and not to mention…SWEATIN!!!! Dress comfortably in non-restrictive clothing and sneakers. Kid friendly

Intermediate Hip Hop with Jaret Hughes: Taking all the elements from the All Levels Hip Hop class and turning it up a few notches!  Learn more intricate, musicality driven choreography taught at a slightly faster pace. If you’d like more of a challenge, this class is for you!  Prior dance experience strongly recommended but not required.





Beginning Odissi Dance with Ratna Roy:
 Odissi is a classical dance style from Eastern India. Tracing its origins to 2nd century BC, Odissi combines dance and theatre. The Beginning class focuses on the grammar and vocabulary of the dance through yoga stretches, exercises, footwork, eye-chin-neck coordinations, hand gestures (mudras), foot positions, and walks/gaits. The dance style works with the total body, including facial expressions and pranayama (yoga). Kid friendly




West African with Kokou Gbakenou and Sarah Lee:
West African dance explores movement and cultural traditions from Guinea. Through her extensive training and 12 trips to Guinea, Sarah Lee, offers her knowledge from some of the best West African dancers and instructors in the world, including: Youssouf Koumbassa, Moustapha Bangoura, Alseny Bangoura, and Mamadama Camara,. Accompanied by live drumming, experience the infectious enthusiasm, playfulness, and generosity of spirit found in West African dance. Kid friendly (ages 8+)




NIA with Jason Griffin: Nia is a fun, holistic, fitness program that combines the best aspects of many worlds; Modern dance, Yoga, Tai chi, Tae kwon do, Aikido, Feldenkrais and Alexander techniques. No experience is needed in any of these modalities, as the Nia technique is appropriate for any body and all levels of fitness. It is a barefoot, sensation-based fusion-fitneess program that stimulates body, mind, emotions and spirit. Using uplifting music and body-centered movements, each class offers the students the opportunity for healing, conditioning and/or self-expression. What sets Nia apart from most classes is that we start each day by setting a focus and intention. Every movement has a purpose; to bring the student towards his or her ultimate goal. Each student is free and encouraged to personalize their experience by knowing what they want to achieve in class. A Nia class is an expression of self-love that leaves you feeling invigorated and refreshed.


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