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“I didn’t believe I could dance before. I thought dancing was for super-humans. I’m immeasurably excited about the rest of my life now that dance is a part of it.”
Intro to Dance participant

“I’ve already recommended this class to friends.”
— Intro to Dance participant

Are you interested in dance but not sure where to start?  Have you taken a beginning ballet or modern class and wondered if there was a MORE beginning level?  Are you intimidated to drop into an ongoing class?  This 6-week series is for you! Learn basic dance vocabulary used in Velocity’s ongoing ballet and modern classes with other students who have no previous dance experience.  You will learn basic class etiquette and dance technique while developing body awareness and comfort dancing in a group.  We will also explore tactics to remember choreography by learning and building on phrases each week.  Intro to dance sets you up to continue exploring contemporary dance classes, other dance forms, and to simply feel more comfortable on any dance floor.



Velocity Founders Studios 1621 12th Ave
$85 for the 6-week series

Info about our Fall Intro to Dance Series coming soon!


Velocity Kawasaki Studio 1621 12th Ave
$85 for the 6-week series

Info about our Fall Intro to Hip Hop Series coming soon!


Velocity Kawasaki Studio 1621 12th Ave
$85 for the 6-week series

Info about our Fall Intro to Hip Hop Series coming soon!


>> If full, please call 206.325.8773 or email info@velocitydancecenter.org to be added to the wait list.




CAIT WYLER is a movement artist who worked in Miami and New York before moving to Seattle. She began dancing so that her mother could have peace and quiet at home, and eventually got a degree from Texas Christian University in Modern Dance. She has studied with Tere O’Connor, Mark Haim, Jesse Zaritt, KT Niehoff, Jody Kuehner, Shannon Stewart, Jenna Riegel, and Nina Martin. Currently she works as Office + Operations Manager at Velocity and teaches at Bainbridge Dance Center.

KAITLIN MCCARTHY likes dance. She likes to make it, see it, direct it, teach it, think about it, talk about it, and write about it. She began dancing in her hometown of Ann Arbor, MI before attending Mt Holyoke College where she graduated summa cum laude in 2009. In Seattle she has danced with over a dozen local artists. She has choreographed work for Velocity’s Fall Kick-Off, 12 Minutes Max/On the Boards, Evoke Productions’ Full Tilt, BOOST Dance Festival, and her self-produced show, HOT MESS. Kaitlin is a member of the Seattle Contact Improvisation Lab and a staff writer for Seattle Dances. For more information visit kaitlinmccarthy.com.

MAYA SOTO is a choreographer, performer and award winning arts educator. Her work includes concert performance, movement installations, dance for theater and film. Maya brings together classical dance training and a sense of imaginative play. She has created 6 evening length works including Inner Galactic (2015) which was supported by creative residencies at 10 degrees in partnership with Velocity Dance Center (SEA), Exit Space (SEA) and Higher Ground (OR). Her choreography has been commissioned by numerous West Coast festivals and venues including On the Boards (SEA) and Conduit’s Dance+ Festival (PDX). As a performer, she has worked with many notable artists including Amy O’Neal, Sandstrommovement and KT Neihoff. Currently, she dances for Michele Miller/Catapult Dance. Maya is a passionate advocate for arts education. She teaches dance at Velocity Dance Center, the Northwest School, Seattle Theatre Group – Disney Musicals in Schools and the EMP Museum. For 10 years, she has worked extensively as a teaching artist in the public school system and developed several successful youth dance programs. In 2014, she received a Velocity Dance Champion Award for significant contribution to Seattle dance. Maya holds a BFA in dance from Cornish College of the Arts and a Washington State Professional Teaching Certificate. mayasotodance.com

JARET HUGHES has 14 years of dance experience, with Hip Hop being his specialty along with training in Modern, Jazz, Ballet and African. Jaret has 11 years of choreographing and teaching experience with all ages, including 8 years at Elizabeth’s Dance Dimensions in Bellevue, Washington. Jaret’s choreography credits include the L.A. Clippers Spirit Dance Team (guest choreographer), Seattle Supersonics Dance Team for 5 years, founder of 2wisted Elegance from Seattle and LA’s debut of 2wisted Elegance with the help of his good friend Joey Cooper, Modazz Competition Teams at Elizabeth’s Dance Dimensions, co-choreographer and dancer for EVE in LA, and assistant choreographer / assistant Artistic Director for the “Invitation Feedback” video contest submission for Janet Jackson. Jaret Competed on Destination Stardom in Hawaii. Jaret’s performances include: Seattle’s Kube 93’s Summer Jam for 3 years with Twisted Elegance, which included sharing the main stage with artists such as Destiny’s Child, Ginuwine, Busta Rhymes, Blackstreet, Naughty By Nature and many more; various Hip Hop shows throughout Seattle including Daniel Cruz’s Battle of Seattle Remix 3 and 4 and, most recently while living in LA for 2 1/2 years, performances with Breed OCLA for numerous dance competitions and guest performances for the DVD Release Party for “Step Up 2: The Streets”. Jaret has shared his choreography expertise with various high school and college dance teams throughout Washington, California and Idaho.

MICHAEL O’NEAL JR started off as a self-taught Hip-Hop influenced dancer from Tacoma, WA. Now a UW graduate, he has also trained in ballet and modern techniques. O’Neal believes that to be the best dancer he can be, he should be versatile and push his own comfort zone. Since being in Seattle, O’Neal has danced for Chamber Dance Company, Jennifer Salk, Jürg Koch, Bruce McCormick, Erin Cardinal, and is currently dancing for Seattle choreographer Amy O’Neal in her latest work Opposing Forces. He is also helping in choreographing for Au Collective’s first self-produced evening length show premiering September 2015. Michael O’Neal is a dance instructor at University of Washington’s IMA, in addition to his subbing of Amy O’Neal’s Street Styles class from August through the Fall at Velocity Dance Center. Michael O’Neal is a member of Chapter1NE and The Beat Hippies dance crews as well as Seattle’s Au Collective. You can look Michael up under the moniker Choreomike on Youtube where he posts class footage, class choreography and freestyles. “Always a student, never a master.”






Series 1: JAN 6 – FEB 10 with KAITLIN MCCARTHY
Series 2: FEB 17 – MAR 23 with CAIT WYLER
Series 3: MAR 30 – MAY 4 with CAIT WYLER
Series 4: MAY 11 – JUNE 15 with MAYA SOTO

Series 1: JAN 5 – FEB 9 
Series 2: FEB 16 – MAR 22 

Series 3: MAR 29 – MAY 3
Series 4: MAY 10 – JUNE 14

Series 5: MAY 21 – JUNE 25

FALL 2015
Series 1: AUG 26 – SEP 30 with BRYON CARR
Series 2: OCT 7 – NOV 11 with MAYA SOTO
Series 3: NOV 18 – DEC 23 with ASHLEIGH MILLER

Series 1: JAN 7 – FEB 11 with BRYON CARR
Series 2: JAN 13 – FEB 17 with NOELLE CHUN
Series 3: FEB 18 – MAR 25 with CAIT WYLER
Series 4: APR 1 – MAY 6 with BYRON CARR
Series 5: MAY 13 – JUN 17 with MAYA SOTO

FALL 2014
Series 1: SEPT 2 – OCT 7 with MAYA SOTO
Series 2: SEPT 3 – OCT 8 with BRYON CARR
Series 3: OCT 14 – NOV 18 with KAITLIN MCCARTHY
Series 4: OCT 15 – NOV 19 with BRYON CARR

Series 1: JAN 7 – FEB 11 with SHANNON STEWART
Series 2: FEB 25 – APRIL 1 with BRYON CARR
Series 3: APRIL 15 – MAY 20 with SHANNON STEWART
Series 4: MAY 27 – JULY 1 with BRYON CARR

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