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Velocity’s MASTER CLASS SERIES + WORKSHOPS provide the perfect opportunity to learn from and share experiences with leading dance artists from around the globe. Master classes + workshops — ranging from technique, improvisation, creative process and somatics — take place year-round, and bring internationally renowned artists to Velocity through partnerships with UW Meany Hall, Seattle Theatre Group, On the Boards and Cornish College for the Arts.

Past Master Classes + workshops have included: Mark Haim + Jesse Zaritt, Heidi Henderson, Tere O’Connor (NYC), Kyle Abraham (NYC), Ariel Freedman + Danielle Agami (Gaga USA), Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood (Canada), the Merce Cunningham Dance Company (NYC), Kidd Pivot (Canada/Germany), Mark Morris Dance Group (NYC), Chunky Move (AUS), Miguel Gutierrez (NYC), Keith Hennessy (SF), Kathleen Hermesdorf (SF), K.J. Holmes (NYC), Liz Santoro (NYC), Joy Davis (Countertechnique), Gregory Maqoma (South Africa), and many others.


WEDS FEB 21–MAR 28 Creative / Process with Christin Call: Material as embodied translation/transformation
SAT FEB 24 Workshop/Audition: Rainbow Fletcher | HYPERNOVA
SUNS FEB 25–APR 1 CI Fundamentals with Tamin Totzke
SUN MAR 4 Workshop/Audition: Alice Gosti
MAR 10–11 Workshop: The HIJACK Experience
THU MAR 22 Master Class: Kidd Pivot Improvisation Class
WEDS APR 4–MAY 9 Creative / Process with AVID: Performance as Practice / Practice as Performance
SATS APR 7–28 Workshop: Tamalpa Expressive Arts Therapy
SUNS APR 15–MAY 20 CI Fundamentals with Mike Hodapp
APR 20–21 Workshop: RUBBERBANDance Method
SAT APR 28 Workshop/Audition: Christin Call/Coriolis Dance
WED MAY 2 Dance Your Story: Movement + Self-Expression Workshop with Sean Dorsey
SAT MAY 5 Trans + Ally Dance Class … Terrified Beginners Welcome! with Sean Dorsey
MAY 23–JUN 27 Creative / Process with Thomas House: Cunningham Technique

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THU MAR 22 / 6PM–7:30PM
Velocity 1621 12th Ave
Limited capacity; pre-registration required. $15
SOLD OUT. To be added to the waitlist, email info@velocitydancecenter.org.

Kidd Pivot’s improvisation class focuses on discovering and revealing articulations and timings in the body. The class begins with a warm-up as participants articulate deeply through the body in stages, starting from the spine and working towards the extremities. Participants work at their own pace, exploring kinetic relationships both within their own bodies and to the space around them. The class is explorative and non-performative: it’s focus is on the play between analysis and instinct, and the use of improvisation both as a tool and an experience. This workshop is intended for advanced level dancers and actors.

See Kidd Pivot and Electric Company Theatre’s Betroffenheit performance at The Moore Theatre on Friday March 23 + 24, 2018. For tickets to the performance, visit stgpresents.org. / Photo by Michael-Slobodian

with transgender choreographer Sean Dorsey and dancers from their company

SAT MAY 5 / 2PM–3:30PM
Velocity 1621 12th Ave
Drop-in $15 ($12 Velocity MVP Member)

Always wanted to dance but didn’t feel comfortable because you are trans / transgender / nonbinary / gender fabulous / queer? This welcoming, super-friendly dance class—led by award-winning transgender dancer/choreographer Sean Dorsey and dancers from their company—will include breathing and relaxation, simple stretches, beginner movement exercises, and space for conversation. Everyone, especially terrified beginners, is welcome. Please arrive early to register, change clothes, etc. / Photo by Kegan Marling 

Sean Dorsey is an award-winning San Francisco-based choreographer, dancer, and writer. Recognized as the first acclaimed transgender modern dance choreographer in the US, Dorsey has toured his work to 26 US cities. Dorsey has been awarded four Isadora Duncan Dance Awards and the Goldie Award for Performance. He has been named in Dance Magazine’s 25 To Watch and named “San Francisco’s Best Dance Company” (SF Weekly). Most recently, Dorsey was named in American Theater Magazine as a Top Theater Artist To Watch. seandorseydance.com



SAT FEB 24 / 2PM–4PM
Velocity 1621 12th Ave
Drop-in: $20

HYPERNOVA contemporary dance company seeks to cast 6–9 guest artists in their newest work, Eleven Eleven: A High-Energy Meditation on Coincidence. This piece will debut in Northwest New Works at On The Boards, June 16 + 17. In addition, future performances are set for fall 2018.

This workshop/audition will be an opportunity for dancers to share in the experience of trying on a new aesthetic and vocabulary of movement. Attendees can expect athletic, full-bodied phrase work that takes you through space with detailed, fast-twitch speed and articulation. Auditioning is encouraged, but not required to attend. The ideal cast will be comprised of versatile dancers with performance experience, technique, physicality, and personality.

Weekly rehearsals begin March 5 on Mondays from 2:30pm–5:30pm at Velocity. The cast will also be required to attend a handful of spacing/filming/tech rehearsals that will be held at On the Boards later in spring (exact dates TBD). Dancers will receive a performance stipend. / Photo by Jules Doyle

HYPERNOVA was founded in 2014 by Artistic Director Rainbow Fletcher. The company is an ongoing representation of Rainbow’s work, which is known for its unmistakable originality, complexity, and modern sensibility. Hypernova is an amalgam of Rainbow’s past experiences, rooted in contemporary dance but influenced by the spectacle of cabaret, the grounded energy of flamenco and martial arts, and the specificity of ballet. All elements from concept to movement are generated in a rehearsal process where the company as a whole can share ideas. Each project created is conceptualized by a collaborative team of artists that strive to deliver authentic and stylistically charged art experiences to the public. hypernovadance.com

Rainbow Fletcher creates dance-based art that is dynamic, emotionally driven, and elegantly athletic. As a freelance artist she has performed and set works for a variety of dance companies, festivals, venues, music videos, and commercial productions located in and around the Pacific Northwest area. Beyond her own work, Rainbow is Co-Artistic Director of The Offshore Project, a longstanding creative partnership with fellow artist and collaborator Ezra Dickinson. Rainbow is well-known for her past groundbreaking work as the Choreographer and Dance Director of the Can Can Castaways, the original in-house group of Can Can Kitchen and Cabaret. She performed with the Castaways for nearly a decade in over a dozen full-length productions. Rainbow graduated with a BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts in 2004. rainbowfletcher.com

workshop_alice-gosti_calWORKSHOP/AUDITION: ALICE GOSTI

SUN MAR 4 / 6–10PM
1621 12th Ave
Drop in: $20 MVP Member ($25 regular)

Explore and learn movement materials + improvisational scores around the primary themes of Alice Gosti’s new work Material Deviance in Contemporary American Culture (MDICAC), which will premiere at On the Boards March 29–April 1, 2018. MDICAC takes a sideways look at our object-based reality. Reflecting stuff-centered culture back to ourselves, this dream state passes through shame, nostalgia, patriotism, and the weight of inheritance. Choreographer and hybrid performance artist Alice Gosti asks, Do objects imbued with so much of our worth start to take over and take on a life of their own? This cluttered landscape expands like a hoarder’s collection and contracts like an immigrant’s suitcase. It breathes like capitalism, filling an existential void whose appetite is endless. Material Deviance helps us uncover what is buried under the steep piles along the path from our bed to the bedroom door. We hold it in our hands. Dancers will be selected to be part of the Seattle performances. Performers of all backgrounds and types are encouraged to audition!

Dancers need to be available for tech rehearsals beginning March 17. Shows are March 29–31 at 8pm and April 1 at 5pm.

Alice Gosti
is an Italian-American choreographer, hybrid performance artist, curator, DJ, and architect of experiences, working between Seattle and Europe since 2008. Gosti’s work has been recognized with numerous awards, commissions, and residencies including the 2012 Vilcek Creative Promise in Dance Award, the 2012 danceWEB scholarship, Velocity’s 2015 Made in Seattle program, and a 2017 Artist Trust fellowship. Gosti’s work has been commissioned and presented nationally and internationally in universities, theaters, museums, and galleries. Dance Magazine has described Gosti’s work as “unruly yet rigorous, feminine yet rebellious, task-like yet mischievous.” gostia.com

(Body as camera, as film, as choreographer, as subject.
Turn it in, turn it out, turn it on, turn it off)

MAR 10–11 / 2:30–5PM
Velocity 1621 12th Ave
Sliding scale // Both days: $45–$75 / One day: $25–$35
Email Velocity Associate Producer Erin Johnson at erinjohnson@velocitydancecenter.org to register.

From 25 years in the idealistic practice of collaboration, HIJACK will teach some favorite methods. Choreographic decisions, like all decisions, are power. Seek the double bounce, refuse the watered down. Coming to either or both classes works perfectly. This class is open to anyone; there will be dancing and choreographing and improvising.

In Saturday’s class, we’ll work in the influence of Nancy Stark Smith’s UnderScore, honing in on the transition between Preamble and Skinisphere—the external space, the internal space, the transition between them: a ripping, a melting, a waterbird take-off.

On Sunday, we’ll work in the influence of Lisa Nelson’s work as a filmmaker—the succulence of response, the freedom of structure, the finality of editing.

Join them on Saturday, March 10 at Northwest Film Forum for an hour-long program of dance with film: HIJACK Making Dances (SAT MAR 10 / 7:45PM / Northwest Film Forum)

HIJACK, based in Minneapolis since 1993,is the choreographic collaboration of Kristin Van Loon + Arwen Wilder.

HIJACK specializes in the inappropriate, and performs in both social and theatrical spaces. HIJACK has taught and performed in New York (at DTW, PS122, HERE ArtCenter, Catch/Movement Research Festival/Chocolate Factory, La Mama, Dixon Place, Brooklyn Studios for Dance), Japan, Russia, Ottawa, Chicago, Colorado, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco, Iowa, at Bates Dance Festival, Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation, and at Fuse Box Festival.

HIJACK teaches Composition/Improvisation at University of Minnesota and Zenon.

In 2013, Walker Art Center celebrated the 20th anniversary of HIJACK by commissioning the full-evening dance “redundant, ready, reading radish, Red Eye.” In 2014, Contact Quarterly published the chapbook “Passing For Dance—a HIJACK reader.”

with transgender choreographer Sean Dorsey

Velocity 1621 12th Ave

Always wanted to dance but didn’t feel comfortable because you are trans / transgender / nonbinary / gender fabulous / queer? This free, all-levels dance and self-expression workshop for trans/nonbinary/LGBTQ people and friends will be led by award-winning transgender dancer/choreographer Sean Dorsey. They will lead us through mindful breathing, meditation, a gentle warmup, and movement exercises, culminating with creative self-expression through movement. This workshop is especially welcoming to beginners, but open to creators of all skill levels. / Photo by Lydia Daniller

Sean Dorsey is an award-winning San Francisco-based choreographer, dancer, and writer. Recognized as the first acclaimed transgender modern dance choreographer in the US, Dorsey has toured his work to 26 US cities. Dorsey has been awarded four Isadora Duncan Dance Awards and the Goldie Award for Performance. He has been named in Dance Magazine’s 25 To Watch and named “San Francisco’s Best Dance Company” (SF Weekly). Most recently, Dorsey was named in American Theater Magazine as a Top Theater Artist To Watch. seandorseydance.com



SUNS 1:30PM–2:50PM
Velocity 1621 12th Ave
Drop-in $15/$12 MVP
Buy a full class series for just $60 for 6 weeks ($10/class)

Come dance Contact Improvisation! Whether brand new and curious about the form, or an old hand looking to deepen or broaden your practice, this series is for you! Take multiple sessions to get a diverse and complimentary set of perspectives. Or, come to the one that works with your schedule: each session can stand on its own. You’ll leave with material to explore in the movement jam that follows and richer sense of the principles and possibilities in Contact Improvisation.

Series III (JAN 7–FEB 11): Kaitlin McCarthy

Series IV (FEB 25–APR 1): Tamin Totzke

Series V (APR 15–MAY 20): Mike Hodapp


SUNS FEB 25–APR 1 / 1:30PM–2:50PM
$60 Full Series // Drop-in $12 MVP Member ($15 regular)

Refreshing the Basics. In this contact series we will build foundational CI skills, such as rolling point of contact, giving and receiving weight, off-center dancing, and the joy of disorientation. Skeletal alignment and efficiency will be emphasized to find strength through structure instead of force. Playing between image-based and athletic sensibilities, we train our attention to stay curiously responsive. We will tune to the forces of gravity and momentum- releasing tension in our minds and bodies to find ease and vitality. Come find readiness, pliability, humor, connection and flight.

TAMIN TOTZKE is a Seattle-based choreographer, dance educator and movement improviser. She has toured nationally and internationally, with notable projects including: teaching and performing with Cloud Gate Dance Theater, Taipei Dance Forum, Cambodia’s Epic Arts, BodyCartography, Kirstie Simson and Jennifer Monson. Recently she premiered a site-specific dance work in Seattle’s historic Georgetown Steam Plant with her collaborator Tia Kramer through their project, study of time and motion, studytimeandmotion.com. Tamin holds an MFA in dance from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and is now pursing a Master’s degree in somatic psychology.


SUNS APR 15–MAY 20 / 1:30PM–2:50PM
$60 Full Series // Drop-in $12 MVP Member ($15 regular)

Embracing Your CI Fears. In this session, we’ll explore some of the parts of contact improvisation that dancers can find scary. How can we be comfortable upside down or moving backwards? How do we sense the things that we can’t see? How can we enter or leave dances without it feeling awkward? What’s the deal with trios? Throughout this series, we’ll spend time warming up into deep and connected dancing and then search for what feels a little edgy. What are the aspects of our dancing that we’d like to change, but we’re not sure how?

MIKE HODAPP has been dancing and teaching contact improvisation for 20 years, since discovering it as a teenager at Oberlin College. He co-founded the Seattle Contact Improv Lab, now in its 10th year. His interest in CI is less about performance, and more about the work of CI as a physical discipline, mindfulness practice, emergent culture, and tool for questioning gender and power. Also, it brings him joy and connection and makes him happier and more whole.


CREATIVE / PROCESS classes and workshops are taught by leading movement practitioners and reflect current developments in the field of contemporary dance. Each series takes a multi-faceted investigative approach that may include research in somatics, performance, performance-making, writing for dance, design for performance, voice and movement, improvisation, movement generation and theory. Each class is unique based on the research of each artist, see lab descriptions.

 1621 12th Ave
Drop-in $12 MVP Member ($15 regular)
Buy a full class series for just $60 for 6 weeks or $40 for 4 weeks ($10/class)

Series I (JAN 10–FEB 14)
Taryn McGovern: This title is ours to eat or destroy

Series II (FEB 21–MAR 28)
Christin Call: Material as embodied translation/transformation

Series III (APR 4–MAY 9)
AVID (Rachel Lincoln): Performance as Practice / Practice as Performance

Series IV (MAY 23–JUN 27)
Thomas House: Cunningham Technique


WEDS FEB 21–MAR 28 / 6PM–7:30PM
$60 Full Series // Drop-in $12 MVP Member ($15 regular)

Meaning is derived from the arbitrary, and we can’t help but create meaning. Christin’s semiotic process of translating across artistic forms recognizes that material and form ultimately contribute to meaning, allowing abstract and even random materials to take on limitlessly complex values. The material of the body is a potent source and inherently primed towards all these states of abstraction, translation, and transformation. We’ll utilize embodied practices of sensation and imagery-based improvisation as learned from former Batsheva dancers, Viewpoints-style explorations of theatrical composition, and writing and drawing practices that will allow for character-building and rich narrative development. No prior movement experience necessary. All ages welcome.

CHRISTIN CALL is an assemblage artist and Co-artistic Director of Coriolis Dance. She graduated with a BA in Drawing and Painting, exhibiting her multimedia works nationally, and has published two books of poetry. A 2015 eXit Space Art Residency aided in the development of her directorial debut and award-winning film Voluntary Caesura (STIFF Best Dance Film). Other dance works by Call include try to hover (or Private Practice 6), selected for On the Board’s 2011 Northwest New Works Festival; the performance installation An apology for Zeno and the alchemical pattern through a 2012 Project: Space Available Residency; and Unfixed Arias, a collaboration with Natascha Greenwalt and Jackie An that grew into Coriolis’ first full-evening, multimedia installation work 2014-2015. For the last three years, Call has worked with New York-based director Lauren Hlubny, most recently touring her work sans to Florence, Italy.


WEDS APR 4–MAY 9 / 6PM–7:30PM
$60 Full Series // Drop-in $12 MVP Member ($15 regular)

Join AVID to delve into the world of ensemble improvisation. Sourcing from our own bodies and each other, we will explore solo, duet, and group scores, both with and without a compositional lens. This series draws from our work practice as performance, performance as practice where the rigor lies in honing group connection as a means to push our own physical, theatrical, and energetic edges. Can we thread in complex impulses and desires while holding the container of the group? What changes when we are witnessed? Classwork will include elements of contact improvisation, contemplative practices, and scores devised to identify and expand our choice making.

AVID is a group of co-creators and inquisitors: Scott Davis, Aiko Kinoshita, Rachael Lincoln, Aaron Swartzman, and Tamin Totzke, committed to interweaving art and life. Part creative process lab, part social blessing, part contemplative dance practice, they share a multiyear history of making, sharing, exploring, and teaching improvisational dance. Their current embodied research practice as performance, performance as practice invites the presence of an audience to magnify the group ecology of togetherness and trust.


WEDS MAY 23–JUN 27 / 6PM–7:30PM
$60 Full Series // Drop-in $12 MVP Member ($15 regular)

Immerse in the technique and educational philosophy of Merce Cunningham. Cunningham technique challenges a dancer’s ability to change direction within the body and in space. Class starts with a back warm-up and move through a series of exercises such as pliés and tendus, progressing toward large sequences that move through space. Bring your thinking caps! 

THOMAS HOUSE was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. He began his formal training at Purchase College, SUNY where he graduated in 2014. While in school he performed works by Lar Lubovitch, Merce Cunningham, William Forsythe, Doug Varone, Twyla Tharp and had the opportunity to study dance abroad for 4 months in Taipei, Taiwan. In March Thomas moved to Seattle from Brooklyn where he worked as a freelance dance artist. In Seattle he is a primarily a dancer with Kate Wallich + The YC and also teaches and choreographs locally. He continues to perform internationally with NYC based company Abraham in Motion. He has also performed & worked with companies Aszure Barton & Artists, KT Neihoff, LoniLandonDanceProjects and Zoe|Juniper. This summer he recently participated in a Cunningham Technique training program through the Merce Cunningham Trust. 


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