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Velocity’s MASTER CLASS SERIES + WORKSHOPS provide the perfect opportunity to learn from and share experiences with leading dance artists from around the globe. Master classes + workshops — ranging from technique, improvisation, creative process and somatics — take place year-round, and bring internationally renowned artists to Velocity through partnerships with UW Meany Hall, Seattle Theatre Group, On the Boards and Cornish College for the Arts.

Past Master Classes + workshops have included: Mark Haim + Jesse Zaritt, Heidi Henderson, Tere O’Connor (NYC), Kyle Abraham (NYC), Ariel Freedman + Danielle Agami (Gaga USA), Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood (Canada), the Merce Cunningham Dance Company (NYC), Kidd Pivot (Canada/Germany), Mark Morris Dance Group (NYC), Chunky Move (AUS), Miguel Gutierrez (NYC), Keith Hennessy (SF), Kathleen Hermesdorf (SF), K.J. Holmes (NYC), Liz Santoro (NYC), Joy Davis (Countertechnique), Gregory Maqoma (South Africa), and many others.


WEDS APR 4–MAY 9 Creative / Process with AVID: Performance as Practice / Practice as Performance
SATS APR 7–28 Workshop: Tamalpa Life/Art Process: The Forest and the Trees
SUNS APR 15–MAY 20 CI Fundamentals with Mike Hodapp
APR 20–21 Workshop: RUBBERBANDance Method
SAT APR 28 Workshop/Audition: Christin Call/Coriolis Dance
WED MAY 2 Dance Your Story: Movement + Self-Expression Workshop with Sean Dorsey
SAT MAY 5 Trans + Ally Dance Class … Terrified Beginners Welcome! with Sean Dorsey
MAY 23–JUN 27 Creative / Process with Thomas House: Cunningham Technique
MAY 27–JUL 1 CI Fundamentals with Scott Davis

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with transgender choreographer Sean Dorsey and dancers from their company

SAT MAY 5 / 2PM–3:30PM
Velocity 1621 12th Ave
Drop-in $15 ($12 Velocity MVP Member)

Always wanted to dance but didn’t feel comfortable because you are trans / transgender / nonbinary / gender fabulous / queer? This welcoming, super-friendly dance class—led by award-winning transgender dancer/choreographer Sean Dorsey and dancers from their company—will include breathing and relaxation, simple stretches, beginner movement exercises, and space for conversation. Everyone, especially terrified beginners, is welcome. Please arrive early to register, change clothes, etc. / Photo by Kegan Marling 

Sean Dorsey is an award-winning San Francisco-based choreographer, dancer, and writer. Recognized as the first acclaimed transgender modern dance choreographer in the US, Dorsey has toured his work to 26 US cities. Dorsey has been awarded four Isadora Duncan Dance Awards and the Goldie Award for Performance. He has been named in Dance Magazine’s 25 To Watch and named “San Francisco’s Best Dance Company” (SF Weekly). Most recently, Dorsey was named in American Theater Magazine as a Top Theater Artist To Watch. seandorseydance.com


with Lucie Baker

SATS APR 7–28 / 2–5PM
Velocity 1621 12th Ave
1st class drop-in: $30 / $85 full series

This creative practice series fosters the development of connection, communication, and personal awareness. Inspired by the imagery of trees, we will improvise dances, create drawings, and develop creative writings that help identify ourselves within our greater ecosystems. We will seek ways to nourish ourselves and our communities as trees do their forests.

This workshop is based on the Tamalpa Life/Art Process®. Developed by Anna and Daria Halprin at the Tamalpa Institute, it is an integrated approach that explores the wisdom of the body as expressed through movement, dance, and imagination. We use artistic processes and media to explore and deepen our relationship to psychological life, to social issues, and to creativity itself.

While this is a dance-based experience, it is not a traditional dance class. All abilities and backgrounds are welcome. No experience necessary. Art materials will be provided. Participants are encouraged to bring a journal if they wish. The first class may be taken as a drop-in but the following classes require full enrollment.

Lucie Baker is a performer, choreographer, teacher, and MFA candidate at the University of Washington in Seattle. She graduated from the 600-hour Teacher Training program for Movement-Based Expressive Arts Therapy at the Tamalpa Institute in 2017 and graduated with a BFA in dance from the Juilliard School in 2008. Founded by Anna and Daria Halprin, the Tamalpa Institute is a pioneering organization in Expressive Arts Therapy and creative somatic practices. Lucie came to Expressive Arts after years of performing interdisciplinary concert dance with artists including Jane Comfort and Company, Tamar Rogoff Performance Projects, Erica Essner Performance Co-op, Phantom Limb Company, Adam Barruch, Sidra Bell, Carlye Eckert, Tiffany Mills, Coleman Pester, ilvs strauss, Cindy Salgado, Annika Sheaff, Yara Travieso, Wade Madsen, Seattle Opera, and Arc Dance, among others. Lucie started her teaching career in community outreach with the non-profit organization Artists Striving to End Poverty in 2005. With ASTEP, she taught dance to diverse populations in schools, universities, prisons, hospitals, orphanages and disaster zones around the world. Viewing dance in a cultural context informs her studio based classes. Lucie is committed to engaging the wisdom of the body and the transformative power of art as resources for healing. She is thrilled to be bringing Expressive Arts to the community at Velocity Dance Center. luciebaker.com + tamalpa.org


FRI APR 20 / 3PM
SAT APR 21 / 5PM
Velocity 1621 12th Ave
$40 for both days / $25 single day drop-in

This workshop outlines the methods developed by Victor Quijada. Basic principles to be addressed include: the distribution of weight outside of the plum-line axis of the upright skeletal structure; the agility in hand, elbow, and shoulder inversions; and the use of the body and all its surfaces as three-dimensional and multi-directional carving tools. Participants are introduced to a movement hybrid that is influenced by urban and contemporary dance vocabulary, while emphasizing interpretation, decision-making, use of rhythmic variations, and partnering.

This movement approach helps dancers navigate their spines and bodies thru space between vertical and horizontal orientations, and prepares contemporary and classically trained dancers for floor-work commonly associated with break(dance). With the RUBBERBAND Method, dancers will be ready to engage the floor with authority and finesse, while negotiating their body through space using textures that are adapted from urban approaches. The RUBBERBAND Method also brings awareness to focus and visual connections within moments of partnering and performance.

Lavinia Vago is a dance artist, educator, and performer from Italy, based in Seattle and working between Montréal, New York, and Berlin. She has created, performed, and toured internationally with Sidra Bell Dance New York, Loni Landon Projects, Vim Vigor Dance Company, Saint Genet, more extensively with RUBBERBANDance Group and with Kate Wallich + THE YC since 2010.  She is exploring her solo practice, collaborating with Berlin-based sound artist Harald Stojan. As an educator and choreographic assistant she has taught at Velocity’s Strictly Seattle, Velocity Dance Center, Marymount College, Purchase College, The Juilliard School, and The Ailey School. Lavinia teaches her own contemporary class as well as Dance Church™. She has trained dancers in the RUBBERBAND Method, preparing them to perform Victor Quijada’s work at Domaine Forget, Springboard Danse Montreal, L’ècole de danse contemporaine de Montreal, and L’école superieur de ballet du Québec. She now continues to teach the RUBBERBAND method around the world and assists Quijada in creating and setting work.

with transgender choreographer Sean Dorsey

Velocity 1621 12th Ave

Always wanted to dance but didn’t feel comfortable because you are trans / transgender / nonbinary / gender fabulous / queer? This free, all-levels dance and self-expression workshop for trans/nonbinary/LGBTQ people and friends will be led by award-winning transgender dancer/choreographer Sean Dorsey. They will lead us through mindful breathing, meditation, a gentle warmup, and movement exercises, culminating with creative self-expression through movement. This workshop is especially welcoming to beginners, but open to creators of all skill levels. / Photo by Lydia Daniller

Sean Dorsey is an award-winning San Francisco-based choreographer, dancer, and writer. Recognized as the first acclaimed transgender modern dance choreographer in the US, Dorsey has toured his work to 26 US cities. Dorsey has been awarded four Isadora Duncan Dance Awards and the Goldie Award for Performance. He has been named in Dance Magazine’s 25 To Watch and named “San Francisco’s Best Dance Company” (SF Weekly). Most recently, Dorsey was named in American Theater Magazine as a Top Theater Artist To Watch. seandorseydance.com



SUNS 1:30PM–2:50PM
Velocity 1621 12th Ave
Drop-in $15/$12 MVP
Buy a full class series for just $60 for 6 weeks ($10/class)

Come dance Contact Improvisation! Whether brand new and curious about the form, or an old hand looking to deepen or broaden your practice, this series is for you! Take multiple sessions to get a diverse and complimentary set of perspectives. Or, come to the one that works with your schedule: each session can stand on its own. You’ll leave with material to explore in the movement jam that follows and richer sense of the principles and possibilities in Contact Improvisation.

Series III (JAN 7–FEB 11): Kaitlin McCarthy

Series IV (FEB 25–APR 1): Tamin Totzke

Series V (APR 15–MAY 20): Mike Hodapp

Series VI (MAY 27–JUL 1): Scott Davis


SUNS APR 15–MAY 20 / 1:30PM–2:50PM
$60 Full Series // Drop-in $12 MVP Member ($15 regular)

Embracing Your CI Fears. In this session, we’ll explore some of the parts of contact improvisation that dancers can find scary. How can we be comfortable upside down or moving backwards? How do we sense the things that we can’t see? How can we enter or leave dances without it feeling awkward? What’s the deal with trios? Throughout this series, we’ll spend time warming up into deep and connected dancing and then search for what feels a little edgy. What are the aspects of our dancing that we’d like to change, but we’re not sure how?

MIKE HODAPP has been dancing and teaching contact improvisation for 20 years, since discovering it as a teenager at Oberlin College. He co-founded the Seattle Contact Improv Lab, now in its 10th year. His interest in CI is less about performance, and more about the work of CI as a physical discipline, mindfulness practice, emergent culture, and tool for questioning gender and power. Also, it brings him joy and connection and makes him happier and more whole.


SUNS MAY 27–JUL 1 / 1:30PM–2:50PM
$60 Full Series // Drop-in $12 MVP Member ($15 regular)

Deepening the Basics. In this series we will continue to build foundational CI skills, including rolling point of contact, giving and receiving weight, sloughing and sliding, and reading our partner’s center. As with many contact classes, we will begin each class with activities that tune our awareness to gravity and momentum and then experiment with the physics of shared weight. The series will also introduce simple games and puzzles as tools for decision making and work with music as an underscore for our dancing.

SCOTT DAVIS is a Seattle-based educator, dancer, and movement improviser. His introduction to Contact Improvisation was in the 1980s and his most influential dance improvisation mentors include KT Niehoff, Amii LeGendre, Karl Frost, and Cyrus Khambatta. Scott has a long history of touring and performing with various dance ensembles and has most recently appeared with Seattle’s AVID, a group whose work is built on the shared vocabulary of Contact Improvisation.


CREATIVE / PROCESS classes and workshops are taught by leading movement practitioners and reflect current developments in the field of contemporary dance. Each series takes a multi-faceted investigative approach that may include research in somatics, performance, performance-making, writing for dance, design for performance, voice and movement, improvisation, movement generation and theory. Each class is unique based on the research of each artist, see lab descriptions.

 1621 12th Ave
Drop-in $12 MVP Member ($15 regular)
Buy a full class series for just $60 for 6 weeks or $40 for 4 weeks ($10/class)

Series I (JAN 10–FEB 14)
Taryn McGovern: This title is ours to eat or destroy

Series II (FEB 21–MAR 28)
Christin Call: Material as embodied translation/transformation

Series III (APR 4–MAY 9)
AVID (Rachel Lincoln): Performance as Practice / Practice as Performance

Series IV (MAY 23–JUN 27)
Thomas House: Cunningham Technique


WEDS APR 4–MAY 9 / 6PM–7:30PM
$60 Full Series // Drop-in $12 MVP Member ($15 regular)

Join AVID to delve into the world of ensemble improvisation. Sourcing from our own bodies and each other, we will explore solo, duet, and group scores, both with and without a compositional lens. This series draws from our work practice as performance, performance as practice where the rigor lies in honing group connection as a means to push our own physical, theatrical, and energetic edges. Can we thread in complex impulses and desires while holding the container of the group? What changes when we are witnessed? Classwork will include elements of contact improvisation, contemplative practices, and scores devised to identify and expand our choice making.

AVID is a group of co-creators and inquisitors: Scott Davis, Aiko Kinoshita, Rachael Lincoln, Aaron Swartzman, and Tamin Totzke, committed to interweaving art and life. Part creative process lab, part social blessing, part contemplative dance practice, they share a multiyear history of making, sharing, exploring, and teaching improvisational dance. Their current embodied research practice as performance, performance as practice invites the presence of an audience to magnify the group ecology of togetherness and trust.


WEDS MAY 23–JUN 27 / 6PM–7:30PM
$60 Full Series // Drop-in $12 MVP Member ($15 regular)

Immerse in the technique and educational philosophy of Merce Cunningham. Cunningham technique challenges a dancer’s ability to change direction within the body and in space. Class starts with a back warm-up and move through a series of exercises such as pliés and tendus, progressing toward large sequences that move through space. Bring your thinking caps! 

THOMAS HOUSE was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. He began his formal training at Purchase College, SUNY where he graduated in 2014. While in school he performed works by Lar Lubovitch, Merce Cunningham, William Forsythe, Doug Varone, Twyla Tharp and had the opportunity to study dance abroad for 4 months in Taipei, Taiwan. In March Thomas moved to Seattle from Brooklyn where he worked as a freelance dance artist. In Seattle he is a primarily a dancer with Kate Wallich + The YC and also teaches and choreographs locally. He continues to perform internationally with NYC based company Abraham in Motion. He has also performed & worked with companies Aszure Barton & Artists, KT Neihoff, LoniLandonDanceProjects and Zoe|Juniper. This summer he recently participated in a Cunningham Technique training program through the Merce Cunningham Trust. 


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