JAN 4 – JUNE 30, 2016 //

All classes are drop-in based; no pre-registration required (excluding Intro to Dance Series + Intro to Hip Hop Series).

  • Drop-in classes are $15 each unless noted otherwise. Pay your teacher directly with cash or check or class card only.
  • Stop by the office to purchase class cards during standard business hours, or buy them online here.
  • Classes for ARTIST MVPs are $12.
  • There is no dress code or required shoes. Please note: If you are attending Hip Hop or Street Styles please wear clean shoes with non-marking soles.
  • Velocity is fully ADA accessible. Please contact the office about specific needs: 206.325.8773 or operations@velocitydancecenter.org

CLASS CARDS are available in the Velocity Office or ONLINE!  1 for $15  //  5 for $70  //  10 for $130



9:30-11:15am Prof/Adv Contemporary with Coleman Pester APR 4 – JUNE 27  Kawasaki GUEST TEACHER NOELLE CHUN MAY 2
12-1:30pm Yoga with Kathleen Hunt Steward
4:30-6pm Advanced Contemporary Technique with Stephanie Liapis Founders
6:15-7:45pm Beginning Ballet with Ellie Sandstrom Founders GUEST TEACHER VERONICA LEE-BAIK APR 4-25
6:15-7:45pm Intermediate Modern with Maya Soto Kawasaki
8-9:30pm West African with Sarah Lee Parker Mansaré Founders
8-9:30pm Hip Hop (all levels) with Jaret Hughes Kawasaki NO CLASS MAY 30
10pm-12am SH*T GOLD: Open Mic Performance Night Founders Every 1st + 3rd Monday



9-10:20am Pleasure In Line with Patrick Kilbane Kawasaki
10:30am-12pm Beginning Modern with Shirley Jenkins Kawasaki  
6:15-7:45pm Street/Club Dance Styles with Michael O’Neal JAN 12 – APR 19 + Amy O’Neal APR 26 – JUNE 28 Founders GUEST TEACHER SAM PICART
6:15-7:45pm Intermediate Ballet for Contemporary Dancers with Mark Haim Kawasaki
8-9:30pm Intro to Hip Hop Series with Jaret Hughes Kawasaki Series 2: FEB 16 – MAR 22 (Pre-registration required)
8-9:30pm Dance Church (all levels) with Kate Wallich Founders



9:30-11:15am Professional/Advanced Contemporary with Jody Kuehner Founders GUEST TEACHER STEPHANIE LIAPIS APR 27
5-6:20pm Ballet for Contemporary Dancers with Lucie Baker Kawasaki  NEW TIME!  GUEST TEACHER PATRICK KILBANE APR 6 – MAY 4
6-8pm Investigative Movement Practices with Rotating Faculty Founders Series 3: MAR 30 – MAY 4 with kt Shores
6:15-7:15pm Feldenkrais with Mary Margaret Moore Steward
8-9:30pm Intro to Dance Series with Rotating Faculty Founders Series 3: MAR 30 – MAY 4 with Cait Wyler (Pre-registration required)



9:30-11:15am Professional/Advanced Contemporary with Kate Wallich Founders GUEST TEACHER CHUCK WILT, UNA PROJECTS (NYC) MAY 19



9:30-11:15am Advanced Modern with Wade Madsen Founders
10:30am-12pm Beginning Modern with Shirley Jenkins Kawasaki



9-10:15am Beginning Modern with Kaitlin McCarthy Founders
9-10:15am Yoga with Kathleen Hunt Kawasaki
10:30-11:50am Magan African Contemporary (Modern) with Kokou Gbakenou Founders
10:30-11:50am Investigative Contemporary Technique (Int) with Ashleigh Miller Kawasaki RUNS THROUGH APRIL 30
12:15-1:45pm Intermediate/Advanced Modern with Mark Haim Founders
12-1:45pm Hip Hop (all levels) with Jaret Hughes Kawasaki



10-11:30am Dance Church (all levels) with Kate Wallich Kawasaki
10:15-11:45am Timeless Modern with Shirley Jenkins Founders
12-1:45pm Intermediate Contemporary with Amy O’Neal APR 24 – JUNE 26 Founders GUEST TEACHER WADE MADSEN APRIL 24
12-1:45pm Beginning Ballet with Kaitlin McCarthy Kawasaki
2-3pm Fundamentals of Contact Improv with Kaitlin McCarthy APR 17 – May 8 (Pre-registration required / No drop-ins)Partnering with Erin Cardinal MAY 29 – JUNE 19 Kawasaki NEW!
2-4:30pm Movement Jam (all levels) with Rotating Facilitation Founders
3-4pm Beginning Odissi Classical Indian with Ratna Roy Kawasaki


If you are interested in teaching at Velocity, please click here.

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