Beginning Dance


Alice Gosti

Begins OCT 7
Fridays | 8 – 9:15 AM

Price: $10

Beginning Dance includes a solid warm-up of the entire body, core, balance, floor work and improvisational scores. Learn new phrases and much more. We will focus on some concepts of modern dance like contractions, spirals, floor work, & ideas of space, time, shape and motion (Alwin Nikolais). Alice also integrates her vast experience in performance art and experimental dance, bringing to each class questions and ideas around why we dance. Why do we move? What is radical joy and radical curiosity? All while actively developing strength, flexibility, technical proficiency, musicality and rhythm accuracy.


Alice Gosti

Alice Gosti [she/her] is an Italian-American immigrant choreographer, hybrid performance artist, curator, DJ, and architect of experiences. She is based out of occupied Duwamish and Coast Salish land, now named Seattle. Alice works simultaneously with film, installation, wearable art, sound, poetry, digital platforms, and audience interaction to create durational performances integral to their non-traditional sites, to create cultural moments for audiences from one to 15,000.


Limited full tuition waivers are available to self-identified TBIPOC dancers.
In an effort to shift power to Transgender and BIPOC communities, Velocity offers limited TBIPOC tuition waivers (100% discount) for most of our current in person class series and ongoing in person and online classes.

We know this does not fix the problem of white supremacy in the performing arts world. It is one small step toward rebalancing the power structures in our educational programming. Limited waivers are available for self-identified Black, Indigenous, People of Color as well as all Transgender, Non-Binary and/or Two-Spirit dancers. However you do not need to be ‘all of the above’ to receive this waiver. Please email with any questions and to apply:
Please email