with Lavinia Vago
May 2 + 4 | 10:15 – 11:45 AM 

Russian Community Center of Seattle

Long term project for the HARD CORE Dance devotees.
The body is to think
The body is to feel
The body is to rebel
The body is to process
The body is to challenge
Mind and soul will follow.
Through tasks, scores , ideas, exercises, rituals, experiences and a guided journey to work towards mastering the body’s potential through dance.

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About the Artist

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Lavinia Vago

Lavinia Vago (she/her) is an Italian dance artist, performer, educator, maker, collaborator, and director based in Seattle and working between NYC, LA, Montreal, Vienna and Berlin. Lavinia experiments and creates dance works as a solo artist. Her work researches and attacks themes of disobedience, kinesthetic empathy, queerness, and transcendence through exhaustion, duration, endurance, and rigor. She uses intuitive improvisational choreographies and scores to explore altered cerebral and emotional headspaces within experimental soundscapes.

Facebook: Lavinia Vago