Aviva | Online Film Screening

AVIVA (2020)

Director: Boaz Yakin

Choreographer: Bobbi Jene Smith

June 19 – July 17

Co-presented with Northwest Film Forum


In recognition of the importance of the current moment, NWFF is donating ALL PROCEEDS from their June film screenings to organizations that empower the Black community. This particular screening benefits Trans Women of Color Solidarity Network. Learn more about this initiative here.



Aviva portrays the relationship between Eden and Aviva, and how conflicts and difficulties in balancing the masculine/feminine within themselves extend outward and challenge their connection. Each character is played by both a man and a woman; the film is narrated primarily by Eden’s female side. The theme of masculine/feminine duality extends to every aspect of their journey as a couple – from courtship, to marriage, to divorce, and finally into a deep friendship – exploring how each character’s gender balance (or imbalance) affects their lives.