with Lavinia Vago, Milvia Berenice Pacheco Salvatierra, and Benjamin Hunter

Friday, December 10 | 8PM PDT

Location: Cascade Cliffs
Georgetown | 6006 12th Ave S

Sliding scale ticket pricing: New Moon – $25 | Half Moon – $50 | Full Moon – $100

Join us on Friday, December 10th at 8pm for NIGHTLIGHT: Winter Moon a waxing gibbous inspired performance ritual and dance party presented by Velocity Dance Center at Cascade Cliffs Wine Tasting Room in Georgetown as part of our end of year fundraising efforts. This special in-person edition of NIGHTLIGHT welcomes the winter as a time to come together to replenish ourselves for the year ahead. Featuring dance artists Lavinia Vago and Milvia Berenice Pacheco Salvatierra, and musical artist Benjamin Hunter, this special evening celebrates the ways dance and music recharge us throughout the year. Curated by artists Moonyeka and Fox Whitney, NIGHTLIGHT brings together some of their favorite local artists, inviting all that gather to indulge their desire to party, transmute, manifest, and dance hard. 


NIGHTLIGHT is a late-night gathering inspired by full moon feelings and the need to come together when and how we can! Instigators Fox and Moonyeka invite a rotating group of featured artists to create an invitation/incantation for the digital realm that offers people a chance to indulge their desire to party, transmute, manifest, and dance hard. Instructions on how to engage during the event will be shared by artists beforehand. Artists will also offer party-goers a gift to mark each special occasion.