SUN, Jul 16 | 8 PM

Doors at 7 PM

Cafe Racer | 1510 11th Ave
Online – $10 | At the Door – $15 

🔥 Special SFD+I Firelight Offering 🔥

Join us for a very special night of text, movement and music featuring Ryan Rose Rubythroat, M e y s h a, Yesef Seevers, and K. Dallas.

For this edition of Firelight, masks are encouraged. The bar will be open during the performance.


Ryan Rose Rubythroat

Ryan Rose Rubythroat

Ryan Rose Vinson-Jacobs (they/‘em/th’air) is expansive, evolving, and ever-present (2 truths and an intention). They’ve rapped under the moniker sketch lightly, with the accompaniment of Devin Bews as BOON, and with Adam Prince as said the startling. They’ve performed with HATLO and Rosa Visser’s PE|Mo, Keyes Wiley’s New Animals, Victoria Vinson-Jacobs, and Lore Aschoff, as well as solo in a bunch of experiments, usually combining text and movement. Rubythroat is something new, emanating from the embers that have been there since ‘85. They’re not sure what it is yet, and that’s exciting.


M e y s h a

M e y s h a

Meysha is a Black trans multidisciplinary artist from Youngstown, Ohio. 


Yusef Seevers

Yusef Seevers

Yusef Seevers (He/They) is a Detroit Queer native and new local to Seattle. He is thrilled to be making his Firelight Debut this summer. His profession is in West African Dance styles alongside being a singer, actor, musician and educator. He is a huge fan of sharing creative space with humans of all ages and has spent time in NM, TX, CA focusing on creative somatic health and awareness. You might have recently seen him in the 5th Avenue’s production of Sweeney Todd as Sweeney! He is most interested in creating new work that stimulates our somatic wellbeing and response and diffuses our dependency on cerebral navigation. We hope you join our Firelight experience! 

NEVE loves life, the delights and pains of embodiment and love, the sparkle-ache and promise of growth, the higher power inside all of us, the earth’s lullabies and war cries, drinking color, and kissing/thinking/dreaming/learning/winning with their local and international queer family (especially their cat child Caravaggio). NEVE believes in God(exxes), Collective Access and Liberation, Transformative Justice, Land Back, Right of Return, Reparations, Anarchism (in relationships and governance), the Loch Ness Monster, the Multiverse, the concept that all living beings are people, and You. They are currently a contributing writer for the South Seattle Emerald and collaborate with their confidante in arms, fellow Seattle multidisciplinary artist Saira Barbaric as themselves, and as MouthWater. Visit them online at nevebebad.com, and on social medias at @nevethoh.

K. Dallas

K. Dallas

K. DALLAS loves to harness that power with a broad audience of fellow music lovers and passionate musicians alike. Ever since a young age, K. DALLAS has found great joy and satisfaction by being involved in the creative music process. K. Dallas is an up-and-coming music producer specializing in hip-hop/R&B/alt music from the West Coast. He was born in Virginia and raised throughout the East Coast due to being a military child. Although he touched his first instrument at the age of 7, he has been making music since 2004 when he became a drummer in the jazz band at his middle school. In 2006, the band performed a live show in Philadelphia, PA which only solidified his passion for creating what he refers to as “magic.” He has been collaborating with local artists with hopes to release an EP in the near future.


Join us for Firelight at Cafe Racer. For these shows, Velocity’s Curating Artist in Residence (CAiR), Alyza DelPan-Monley, invites artists from dance, storytelling, music and performance backgrounds together to collaborate and co-imagine a performance evening.
It is an opportunity for artists to share their work and to perhaps stretch into less familiar forms and style collaborations. We begin the process by asking the group of artists what they’re interested in and what they care about and what they’d like to make art about, and then from there they create a performance.
This is a social gathering and intentionally low stakes and meant to be fun and caring and we invite you to show up, grab a drink, bring friends, socialize and see what these artists have created.

Presented in partnership with Cafe Racer


Cafe Racer’s ground floor and bathrooms are accessible, but there is an upstairs that only accessible by using the stairs. Masks are encouraged, but the bar will be serving during the performances.  

For more information and to help us prepare for your accessibility needs, contact Shirley at operations@velocitydancecenter.org 


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