Artist Programs

Velocity is an artist-led organization providing a responsive framework to support, fuel and sustain dance artists in their ongoing development as professionals. We provide generous residency, performance and artist development opportunities; and collaborative creative production.



NIGHTLIGHT is a monthly full moon dance ritual + party hosted by a rotating roster of artists.

NIGHTLIGHT is a late-night gathering inspired by full moon feelings and the need to come together when and how we can! Instigators Fox and Moonyeka invite a rotating group of featured artists to create an invitation/incantation for the digital realm that offers people a chance to indulge their desire to party, transmute, manifest, and dance hard. Instructions on how to engage during the event will be shared by artists beforehand. Artists will also offer party-goers a gift to mark each special occasion.

Pricing: New Moon – $10 | Half Moon – $20 | Full Moon – $30
All proceeds are split 50/50 between the artists and Velocity

SH*T Gold

SH*T Gold

Seattle’s #1 Multi-disciplinary Open Mic
1st + 3rd Mondays

For artists experimenting in any genre. For those unafraid to fail. Low stress. High focus. Join the SH*T GOLD Facebook Group to view upcoming events and connect with fellow artists.

Come + Show: A sketch, a task, a situation, a work in-the-works. You have five minutes or less to take a risk.
Sign Up: Arrive at 7:30 PM to sign up.
Food: Bring something to share if you’d like.
Booze: Available at the bar.
Contact: gold@velocitydancecenter.org

SH*T GOLD is Velocity’s Open Mic Night, for artists experimenting in any genre; for those unafraid to fail. SH*T GOLD was developed by Velocity in the spirit of community co-creation.

SH*T GOLD: The Deep End

It’s a SH*T GOLD marathon! Bi-annually, we open up the floor for long-form performance events up to 20 minutes in length. Like at any SH*T GOLD, your performance may be at any point in its development and in any live medium. We encourage raw works-in-progress, presented in the spirit of experimentation and risk. Dive into The Deep End as a resource for your creative development. You might take the time to:

  • Show a five-minute work. Show a 10-minute work. Show an 11-minute work. Present that epic 20-minute thing you’ve been working on.
  • Build an installation for 10 minutes, lead the audience through it for two minutes, and tear it down and load it out for eight minutes.
  • Stage a 12-minute scene and follow it with an eight-minute Q&A or work-shopping session.
  • Start a community discussion about performance.
  • Slip 20 one-minute performances throughout the day’s other performances.

You also don’t have to take anywhere near 20 minutes. Your use of time is your prerogative and limited only by your imagination—We only ask that your work do no lasting harm to yourself, others, or the space.

Please note that while you may bring in any number of technical components, this is a low-tech to no-tech showcase with Velocity providing one standard lighting set-up and access to a sound system. You get through set-up and tear-down within your 20 minute time slot.

Developed by Velocity in the spirit of community co-creation. 



#SCORENTINE is Velocity’s light-hearted platform for creative exchange in times of quarantine. 

#SCORENTINE is a way for Velocity to amplify the ingenuity of some of our beloved artists, and to provide a virtual space for our community to make, share, and find comfort in movement exploration during our necessary physical distancing.    

#SCORENTINE artists have carte blanche to post ideas, prompts, scores, and other invitations straight to your social media feeds. Gather insights and motivations, roll ideas around and respond in your body, and find joy in the playful investigations offered. We encourage you to share your explorations with us through Direct Messages or by tagging @velocity_seattle and #scorentine so we can repost them.

Each artist will also share the specific ways you can support them as they navigate the economic effects of this pandemic. Give what you can with a full and creative heart. 

Offering support is an action we feel deeply in our bodies, and the weight of things we carry together is dynamic and full of potential. Thank you for being a part of the Velocity community, now more than ever. 

Check out our Instagram starting on Tuesday, April 14th or search for #scorentine or #scorentine2020

One On Ones

A new mentorship + residency program that pairs Seattle movement artists with local luminaries. The Fall 2020 Residency is co-facilitated by Emma Lawes and Nia-Amina Minor.

Find out more about the program and current residents HERE.

One-on-Ones is a residency program geared towards movement performers, aiming to create an intimate space of mentorship for dance artists interested in deepening and fine tuning their personal practice. Many spaces provide an opportunity for constructive feedback aimed at the emerging maker, which give tools to young choreographers to present clear, thoughtful, engaging works to the world around them. Performers, who help these works come alive, are at times seen as “parts of a whole,” as disposable materials. One-on-Ones shifts the focus back to the mover, sheds the weight of performing someone else’s ideas, and brings agency back to the dancer to research their own inclinations. This project aims to support professional performers by providing a space where they can workshop, discuss, criticize, rearrange, and navigate their own interests and questions within movement practice and performance.

As part of the One-on-Ones Residency, 4 Residents will be granted ten hours of rehearsal space (either in-person or virtually) with an Artist Mentor of their choosing – an experienced performing artist based in the Seattle area. The residency will culminate in a zine that includes written documentation from Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham, photo and video by Devin Muñoz, design by Hilary Painter and contributions from Residents and Artist Mentors.

Our current residents are as follows:

LE’ECIA FARMER with Noelle Price

STEFAN RICHMOND with Markeith Wiley

ADRIANA JIMÉNEZ with Alia Swersky

MAIA MELENE DURFEE with Gilbert Small

Find out more about our current Residents.

Reciprocity Practice

Reciprocity Practice

Teaching Artists partnering with Velocity to benefit a different non-profit each month.

Kaitlin McCarthy helped us develop the Reciprocity Practices framework.

To find Reciprocity classes, look for Reciprocity Practice label on our class schedule.

This label indicates that the teacher is choosing to donate some or all of the income from the class. We’ll tell you in the description what org you’re supporting with your dancing!

Artist in Residence (AIR)

Artist in Residence (AIR)

A full-year residency program accomplished local artists offering resources for research, production, and professional development.

The AIR program serves the needs of accomplished professional dance and movement-based artists or collaborative teams engaged in the process of research/creation by providing free space and time for work, reflection, and community interaction. In 2012, Velocity expanded its Residency program to include annual Creative Residents.

The Bridge Project

The Bridge Project

A super-dense dense residency great for emerging artists in Seattle, the Bridge Project provides 45 hours of rehearsal time in 3-weeks, culminating in a fully Velocity-produced performance.

The Bridge Project from Velocity Dance Center on Vimeo.

“The Bridge Project is one of Velocity’s great gifts to the city.” The Stranger  

“The Bridge Project allowed me the simplest and most effective of resources; time to develop and converse with others.” Dylan Ward, 2015 Bridge Project Artist

The Bridge Project is Velocity’s four-week program for movement-based artists who have been making work in Seattle for three years or less. This intensive residency offers four artists up to 45 hours of free rehearsal space for a new project while working with a cast of auditioned dancers. Additionally, all artists receive the creative, financial, and administrative support of a fully produced weekend of performances at Velocity. In programming The Bridge Project, Velocity aims to enhance the artistic growth of the choreographers, and provide an entry point into the local performance scene for dance artists new to the community.

The Bridge Project simultaneously offers dancers an opportunity to bridge studio work and performance while establishing relationships with a choreographer and other dance artists. Velocity’s Artist in Residence will be a choreographic advisor to all Bridge Project choreographers during the process. 

Four choreographers receive:

Fully produced weekend of performances in Velocity’s Founders Theater

Four weeks of rehearsal space at Velocity or the University of Washington (graduates only)

Costume stipend

Velocity-produced audition for your cast. Choreographers must be available at this time to teach material and select a cast and stay afterward to discuss casting.

2019 Alumni


Vladimir Kremenović

Beth Terwilleger

2018 Alumni

Angel “Moonyeka” Alviar

Allison Burke

Timothy Johnson

Hope Goldman

Leslie Kraus

Michael “Majinn” O’Neal

Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham


Next Fest

Next Fest

An annual performance series celebrating new dance and movement-based work in the Northwest!

An annual performance series celebrating new dance and movement-based work in the Northwest!

Next Fest NW is our new works series celebrating what’s happening in contemporary dance, movement-based performance and dance cinema in the region. Next Fest NW was established to support new work and investigate different approaches to dance. Through Next Fest NW, we aim to foster a robust community where artists have access to facilities, support, and creative exchange. Proposals for installations, performances, live art and other formats welcome.

Each Next Fest NW presents four to seven artists or collaborative teams, selected through a curated application process, for three public performances. Next Fest NW artists are fully produced at Velocity; receive an artist fee and up to 20 hours of free studio time; and benefit from artistic, promotional, and technical support.

Made in Seattle

Made in Seattle

Made in Seattle provides multi-dimensional direct support to artists over a period of a year or more, with a particular focus on the critical development phase of new work.

“Velocity and Made in Seattle saved my creative life.” Amy O’Neal

Made in Seattle provides multi-dimensional direct support to artists over a period of a year or more, with particular focus on the critical development phase of new work. The Made in Seattle new dance development program is dedicated to growing the Northwest’s creative community by commissioning, producing and presenting evening-length dance works by some of the most talented and experimental artists from our region. Artists meet regularly with Velocity’s Artistic and Executive Directors to focus on career strategy and their larger artistic goals.

Made in Seattle is particularly interested in helping mid-career artists. This program fosters excellence in the Seattle dance scene by supporting extended collaborative projects that bring together Seattle artists and inter/national leaders in the field. In just three years, the program has launched careers, helped start nationally celebrated dance companies, facilitated an artist’s transition from stage performer to a career focused on art and social justice, while also commissioning and presenting consistently sold-out, critically acclaimed productions. Made in Seattle artists also receive pivotal resources: financial support, a commissioning fee, free rehearsal space, a production residency, a fully produced performance, dramaturgical support, as well as professional development through artistic, administrative, and philanthropic support.

Made in Seattle has a remarkable record of developing transformative projects, that have helped propel Seattle artists onto the national stage. In 2015, when Dance Magazine named the “25 Dance Artists to Watch” internationally, three of the 25 artists were Made in Seattle Alum.

2019 Made in Seattle Artists: Ella Mahler & Mark Haim

On-Image Text: Ella Mahler Here

On-Image Text: Mark Haim Parts to a Sum

Dance + Social Action

Made in Seattle: KT Niehoff

Velocity is committed to dance as social action. Velocity’s Artistic Director has developed programs like our Speakeasy Series to help artists make meaningful links to their communities and/or relate their research to timely civic issues. Through the Made in Seattle program, they’ve worked one-on-one with artists to help them contextualize their work within socio-political, philosophical, and cultural contexts. We aim to make Made in Seattle projects relevant, multi-faceted, cultural moments for our city.

Our advocacy for Made in Seattle projects continues after their presentation through Velocity Audience Labs, our online journal STANCE, the PNW Dance Platform, and other programs that help continue to connect MIS performances to new audiences.

Velocity Co-Productions

Velocity Co-Productions

Co-produce a brand new work with Velocity!

Guest Artist Series

Guest Artist Series

Velocity’s Guest Artist Series connects the Seattle community with artists from around the world through offering residencies to national/international dance artists. 


Velocity’s Guest Artist Series provides the Seattle community with residency activities from national/international dance artists including technique classes, workshops, and performances.

Velocity strives to give Seattle’s dance community opportunities to train with outstanding local and national artists through its Guest Artist Series. The Guest Artist Series presents internationally renowned artists in contemporary dance and related studies, offering classes, lectures, performances and/or workshops with these artists. This program helps to ensure that Seattle’s relative geographic isolation does not result in a lack of exposure, and helps Seattle to stay abreast of current technical and artistic standards.

Velocity has hosted classes and/or workshops with such nationally and internationally recognized artists as: Tere O’Connor, Pat Graney, John Jasperse, Keith Hennessy, Danielle Agami/Ate9, Daniel Linehan, Miguel Gutierrez, Amy O’Neal, Mark Haim, Jesse Zaritt, Anouk van Dijk, Reggie Watts, Faye Driscoll, zoe/juniper, Dayna Hanson, Deborah Hay, KT Niehoff, Bebe Miller, David Dorfman, and many more.