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MAR 9 – 11

Thu, MAR 9 | 7:30 PM – RESEARCH
Sat, MAR 11 | 7:30 PM – EXPERIMENT

12th Avenue Arts | 1620 12th Ave

Individual tickets for this event will go on sale in 2023.

Black feminist performance artist Gabrielle Civil returns to Velocity, this time activating performance/writing and translation. < < Welcome Blur >> is the first iteration of the multimedia project Translated Bodies and includes three different modalities. In “Research,” Civil and fellow artists/ translators Madhu H. Kaza, Sawako Nakayasu & JD Pluecker will share embodied works-in-progress, drawing on BIPOC, diasporic, and language justice approaches to translation. In “Virtual Play,” individuals will receive a special online delivery of original scores, playlists & translation prompts. In “Experiment,” performance improvisation will turn into a chance to share skills, build community, jam, and play. All events will dissolve the hard line between source and target, artist and audience.


“This work begins with errors: performance deviations. A conference panel on errors in translation now morphs into an evening of show & tell, online playlists and scores, an extended improvisation. These are translations, like errors, moving in and through bodies. An error is the difference between measures we observe or calculate and true values. An error is what slips—what slips in, what slips out, what we can slip into. More than a mistake, an error is an opportunity for Translated Bodies. I wanted to gather with other translators and movers and play in the blurry space of errors: the space between accuracy and authenticity, listening and channeling, writing and performing. I asked my friends for their brilliance and time. I asked Velocity and No. 1 Gold for their effort and space. I’m asking you for your open mind and attention. In exchange, please accept my heart and my thanks.”



Gabrielle Civil is a black feminist performance artist, poet, and writer, originally from Detroit. Her performance memoirs include Swallow the Fish, Experiments in Joy, (ghost gestures), and the déjà vu. She teaches Translated Bodies at the California Institute of the Arts . The aim of her work is to open up space.

Madhu H. Kaza

Madhu H. Kaza is a writer, translator, and educator based in New York. She is the editor of Kitchen Table Translation, an anthology of writing by immigrant and diasporic translators. She was the founding director of the Bard Microcollege at Brooklyn Public Library and teaches in the MFA program at Columbia University.

Sawako Nakayasu

Sawako Nakayasu works at the intersection of writing, translation, and performance. Publications include Pink Waves (Omnidawn), Some Girls Walk Into The Country They Are From (Wave Books), and Say Translation Is Art (Ugly Duckling). She is an Assistant Professor in Literary Arts at Brown University.

JD Pluecker

JD Pluecker is a writer, translator, artist. Their most recent translations are Writing with Caca, Gore Capitalism, and Antígona González, and they have published zines, chapbooks, & a book of poetry and image, Ford Over.


12th Avenue Arts is fully accessible for wheelchairs and walkers. The lobby and bathrooms are at street level, and seating is available without the need for an elevator or stairs.

For special accommodations, advanced word to can help in preparations.