Performer Residency Showings
A Velocity Co-Production
Sat May 29 + Sun May 30 / 7:30PM
Velocity 1621 12th Ave

One on Ones is geared towards movement performers, aiming to create an intimate space of mentorship for dance artists interested in deepening and fine tuning their personal practice. Many spaces provide an opportunity for constructive feedback aimed at the emerging maker, which give tools to young choreographers to present clear, thoughtful, engaging works to the world around them. Performers, who help these works come alive, are at times seen as “parts of a whole,” as disposable materials. One on Ones shifts the focus back to the mover, sheds the weight of performing someone else’s ideas, and brings agency back to the dancer to research their own inclinations. This project aims to support professional performers by providing a space where they can workshop, discuss, criticize, rearrange, and navigate their own interests and questions within movement practice and performance. (It is important to note that while One on Ones was created to address a common need in the dance community, applications are not limited to those who identify as dance-based artists. Applicants from all mediums are welcome, so long as the moving body is an integral part of their proposed research.)

Selected residents will be granted ten hours of rehearsal space with a personal mentor- an experienced performing artist based in the Seattle area. Residents will apply to work with a participating mentor who will assist and guide them in their research. Following the research period, each resident and their mentor will present their findings in an informal showing at Velocity Dance Center, open to the public. In the week following the showings, each team will facilitate a 2-hour master class, in which they engage with the broader community to articulate their findings with other bodies.

All pairings will reflect common values of reciprocal investigation, growth, and generosity, but will differ according to each mentee’s respective curiosities and proposed research. This session’s list of mentors is as follows:

Christiana Axelsen
Erica Badgeley
Jane Cracovaner
Mark Haim
Jim Kent
Britt Karhoff
Wade Madsen
Alyza DelPan-Monley
Michael O’Neal
Alicia Pugh
Amelia Reeber
Gilbert Small
Tim Smith-Stewart
Alia Swersky
Lavinia Vago



Image – Hilary Painter

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