Countertechnique workshop

with Charles Slender-White

May 9 – 13 | 10 AM – 12 PM + 1 – 4 PM

On the Boards | Merrill Theater

$300 for full 5-day workshop
$100 for partial 1-day workshop (MAY 9 or 13)
$10 – $18 for drop-in

Low income options available.


Over five days, dancers will be offered a comprehensive introduction to Countertechnique. Developed by Anouk van Dijk, Countertechnique is a contemporary dance technique that integrates intellectual intention with physical activity, strengthens and stretches the body, and enables dancers to move bigger, more fluidly, and more spatially.

Daily Countertechnique classes will be followed by discussions about and physical investigations of the Countertechnique Toolbox, Horizontal Falling, Basic Anatomy, Countertechnique in Choreography, Countertechnique in Improvisation, and The Cube (derived from the 9-point technique as developed by Slender-White, Anouk van Dijk, Amanda Miller, and William Forsythe). Each of these sessions will help dancers deepen their Countertechnique practice while facilitating the use of Countertechnique in other dance forms and modalities.



Charles Slender-White image

Charles Slender-White

CHARLES SLENDER-WHITE is a San Francisco-based queer contemporary dance artist of mixed European and Roma descent. He is an instigator, organizer, dad, husband, and the Artistic Director of FACT/SF. Charles is one of 36 Countertechnique Teachers worldwide, and he has taught, performed, and made choreography across North America, Europe, Russia, and in Hong Kong and Australia. Charles is currently a faculty member at the American Dance Festival, and a Guest Curator and Resident Strategist at ODC Theater. Charles graduated with honors from UC Berkeley with degrees in English Literature and Dance & Performance Studies.


Low income options subsidized by 4Culture.