This summer, Velocity’s performance season features new dance works by faculty and participants of our annual Seattle Festival of Dance and Improvisation. From outdoor park performances to showcases and emerging research from both local and international faculty, our summer lineup offers something for everyone. It’s an opportunity to peek into the studio to see the research and development of new ideas that occurs at SFD+I each summer. Get your tickets to experience first-hand how SFD+I serves as a vital hub and catalyst for new dance in our city.

Want to experience this season from a new perspective? Join a Performance Cohort to be on the stage of the SFD+I Performance Cohorts Showcase, or register for Research Week to catch the full DI Series and train with the artists!

We’ll remember your spine, Matr.

We’ll remember your spine, Matr.

Choreography by Jasmine Hern, Featuring the SFD+I 2024 Professional Cohort

JUL 20

Join Jasmine Hearn + SFD+I’s Professional Cohort in an extended embodied listening practice.

This week-long experience bridges practices of dance, movement, and embodied poetics. Together we will listen to the land coordinates of Freeway Park while considering its history and potential future sourcing land and celestial histories of the site’s coordinates.

The creative process centers the prompt, what do I listen to in order to arrive and depart as a keeper of this place and its collective memory?

Together with our breathing, stilling, listening, and moving bodies — we will build recipes in response. We will build this moment together.



SFD+I Performance Cohorts

SFD+I Performance Cohorts

New works by Lavinia Vago, Noel Price-Bracey, Kaitlin McCarthy + Akoiya Harris

AUG 2-3

Velocity Dance Center presents the Seattle Festival of Dance + Improvisation Performance Cohorts: Showcase, with works by renowned choreographers Lavinia Vago, Noel Price-Bracey, Kaitlin McCarthy, and Akoiya Harris. The performances are a culmination of two to three weeks of intensive training and rehearsal for dancers across many backgrounds and skill levels during the festival. Sharing the stage are advanced students from across the US in the Professional Cohort, local adult dancers in the Beginner and Intermediate Cohorts, and young dancers Youth Cohort. The Performance Cohorts Showcase is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Seattle’s vibrant contemporary dance scene, and witness Seattle’s up-and-coming talent.



DI Series: Physical Education

DI Series: Physical Education

Performances by Takahiro Yamamoto, Allie Hankins, Lu Yim + Keyon Gaskin


Physical Education (PE) is keyon gaskin, Allie Hankins, Takahiro Yamamoto, and Lu Yim. Co-created in 2013, PE organizes and hosts performances, reading groups, workshops, artist talks, and dance parties. Originally started in 2013 as a private reading group and discussion date over dinner and drinks, PE has curated and facilitated public programming since 2014. PE’s vision is to offer contemporary artists and audiences, as well as curious individuals, immersive modes through which to engage with artworks that center around performance and performativity. PE acknowledges and scrutinizes the perceived illegibility and messiness of the performing body, and seeks to collaboratively confront and embrace questions about it with a community. 

On this night, each individual of PE will share their practice in the form of a performance presentation. 





Two new works by Shannon Stewart + Haruko Crow Nishimura


On this night of Dance Innovators, Shannon Stewart will perform her 30 minute work entitled “river, river, river” and Haruko Crow Nishimura will perform a new 30 minute work entitled “Animist”





Featuring Anya Cloud + Makisig Akin

AUG 10

What can we do together that we cannot do alone? This dance duet is a queer reimagination of a creation story. With patience, tenderness and prayer we epitomize the multiple ways that love can manifest. Intimacy facilitates straddling and queering notions of violence, care, pleasure, play and gender. Through performance we cultivate impossible conditions as an invitation to elusive spaces where desire, guilt, grief and love intersect. We hold the complexity and paradox of being socialized female bodies who are queer and racialized. Sometimes we share a body and sometimes we splinter into the ether — we simultaneously elevate each other and take each other down. What becomes possible when love is stronger than fear? We embody the wildest dreams of our queer ancestors.



Velocity’s Summer 2024 Season is built around the Seattle Festival of Dance + Improvisation, and is co-curated by Velocity’s recent Curating Artist in Residence, Amy O’Neal, our Creative Producer, Shane Donohue, and our Executive Director, Erin Johnson.


Velocity is offering individual tickets for all of our Summer 2024 performances, as well as a package deal for our Dance Innovators series. Velocity’s Summer 2024 Season are available for purchase online up until the performance date, with the DI Series package available for online purchase until Aug 10. All of our tickets are sold at tiered pricing described below. We invite you to self-select the tier that best fits your situation and needs. 

This structure is inspired by Alexis J. Cunningfolk’s green bottle pricing structure. Click here to learn more.


Full DI Series: $150

This tier represents the true cost of a ticket to our performances. This tier is for if you are secure in your finances, own your home and car, and can generally purchase your “wants” while regularly meeting all of your basic needs. By selecting this price, you are investing in our community, and affirming the value of live performance and dance.


Full DI Series: $90

This tier is our “general” ticket price, and it is partially subsidized to increase access to our performances. Choose this level if you have access to steady income and generally have some expendable income after meeting your basic needs. This price sustains our work.



Full DI Series: $60

This is a subscription-only tier. Velocity centers the needs of movement-based artists in Seattle, and this subscription represents our commitment to affordable access to our performances for artists. This subscription is a way for artists to commit to the practice of seeing work, and a way for artists to support Velocity.


Full DI Series: $45

This tier is our most accessible ticket price, especially when purchased as a subscription. Choose this level if you often struggle to meet your basic needs, are under or unemployed, and have low- to no savings. For people for whom this price is even too high, we do have a volunteer program to see performances at no cost in exchange for your help.



Tickets are sold through Velocity’s website until 4pm, when the online box office closes. The physical box office will open 1 hr before the show, and remaining tickets can be purchased at the door. In some cases door prices may be higher than online prices, which will be stated on the webpage.


Artists, programs, casts, dates and prices are subject to change. There are no refunds. Please contact for all ticket-related questions.


Ticket exchanges may be processed at no charge for a different date of the same production, or in some cases to a different production. Select events or promotions may not be eligible for exchange. To exchange tickets, please contact the Box Office at least 24 hours before the original performance date. Please note that all exchanges are subject to availability.


Any tickets that are not claimed at the scheduled start time of the show will be released to the wait list. Late seating is dependent on the show.


In the event of a sold-out performance, we will take a waiting list when the box office opens 1 hour prior to show time. Names may be placed on the list in person. Available seats will be called no more than 15 minutes prior to curtain.


If Velocity cancels a performance, we will provide ticket-holders with the option to refund or exchange your tickets.