Featuring Kara Beadle, NEVE, Glory Hole [One, Stasia Coup & Bitch Hazel], El Sueño, SLOWBURN Dance, Moonyeka [with Zara Martina, Arabella Bautista, Jessica Jones], Lesbian Death Bed [Lore Aschoff and Hanna Hofmann], Kaitlin McCarthy, and Lisa Kwak
Music by Leanna Keith [7pm], Meer WIlliamson [8pm], and dark_wiley [9pm]

OCT 1   |   7 PM + 8 PM + 9 PM

12th Ave Arts | 1620 12th Ave

Low Income – $10 | Arts Supporter – $20 | Arts Champion – $50

Image by Alyza Delpan-Monley, Velocity’s Curating Artist in Residence

Join us for Fall Kick Off: PORTALS, a collective performance event celebrating Seattle’s dance and performance community curated by Velocity’s first Curating Artist in Residence, Alyza DelPan-Monley, in collaboration with Velocity’s Artistic Director, Fox Whitney. PORTALS will feature a large group of local artists performing simultaneously throughout the Mainstage theater at 12th Ave Arts. We are excited to present this revamped evolution of Velocity’s beloved Big Bang party from FKO’s past.

Tickets to this gallery-style event are timed in three waves: 7 PM, 8 PM, + 9 PM. Audience members can wander around the space, with performances happening throughout the entire 50 minutes. You can engage with the different performances at your leisure. You can leave and come back inside of your 50 minute window, but we will ask the audience to clear the space after that period so that we can switch over the musicians and get ready for the next wave.

Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled time, so that we can check you in and get you all set up. 


12th Avenue Arts is fully accessible for wheelchairs and walkers. The lobby and bathrooms are at street level, and seating is available without the need for an elevator or stairs.

For special accommodations, advanced word to operations@velocitydancecenter.org can help in preparations.