The Hybrid Lab: Conversations in Merging Dance Cultures 


Amy O’Neal

The Hybrid Lab: Conversations in Merging Dance Cultures is part dance party, part performance cypher, part contemporary performance art, and part conversation facilitated by dancer/choreographer/curator/dance educator Amy O’Neal. O’Neal has been merging the experimental and social natures of Hip Hop and Contemporary dance since 2000 to challenge notions of race, gender, and the sampling nature of innovation. Her primary movement languages are contemporary, hip hop, and house and she creates dance experiences within the experimental performance context, dance film, and virtual reality. The Hybrid Lab is a space for real time dialogue between dancers primarily from and in relation to hip hop culture who merge multiple movement styles and contexts to experiment with artistic form, build community, and shift power dynamics between artists, venues, funders, and audiences.

For this engagement in collaboration with Velocity Dance Center, The Hybrid Lab: Conversations in Merging Dance Cultures will feature the evolution of Amy O’Neal’s latest house inspired choreographic work “A Trio” and real time experiments by featured Seattle hip hop, house, waacking, and contemporary culture luminaries Orb, Alfredo “Free” Vergara, Tracey Wong, and Majiin O’Neal, as well as a few emerging artists. Each night will be slightly different due to the improvisational nature of the show. Expect DJ sets by WD4D, audience agency to move around, surprise musical guests, post show dance parties, and juicy conversation.


Amy O’Neal is a dancer, choreographer, curator, and dance educator. A sought-after artist for over two decades, she teaches and performs nationally and internationally and choreographs for live performance, dance film, music video and virtual reality.  From 2010 until now, she creates experimental dance work merging Black social dance practices from hip-hop and house culture and contemporary dance while directly addressing race, gender and the sampling nature of innovation. She premiered her first evening-length solo in 2012 for Velocity Dance Center’s first Made in Seattle program, where she examined her influences, questioned her relationship to Blackness as a white woman, and paid homage to her teachers and dance heroes. As a practicing guest of Black dance culture, she has participated in experimental and all-styles battles in NYC, San Francisco, and Seattle, co-organized and co-produced Seattle House Dance Project, and developed hip-hop curriculum for the University of Washington. Her passion and research meet at the intersection of the hip-hop, house and contemporary dance communities. Within this intersection she explores the complex differences, nuances and layers of hybridized movement vocabularies.

In 2016 Amy relocated to Los Angeles and started The Rhythm Assembly, a freestyle techniques class merging the social and exploratory natures of hip-hop and contemporary dance. She joined the faculty of the University of Southern California Glorya Kaufman School of Dance in 2018 where she teaches hip-hop, house and freestyle techniques, composition and improvisation, contemporary dance, and lectures on Black social dance history, practice, and media literacy. Amy started The Hybrid Lab: Conversations in Merging Dance Cultures in Los Angeles in 2019 as part of the LAX Festival produced by Los Angeles Performance Practices. She feels the most at peace when she can embody her full human experience as an artist and is passionate about creating space for others to do the same.












The Hybrid Lab is made possible by John Robinson, the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF) and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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12th Avenue Arts is fully accessible for wheelchairs and walkers. The lobby, bathrooms and theater spaces are at street level, and seating is available without the need for an elevator or stairs. Bathrooms will be gender neutral.

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