Portals: OUTSIDE

Featuring works by Nia-Amina Minor, Moonyeka, Dani Tirrell and Drama Tops
Curated by Fox Whitney

Part of Intiman Theatre’s HOMECOMING Festival

SEP 18 | 1:40 PM PDT
801 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122

Portals: OUTSIDE is an opportunity to enter the new normal of dance. These artists offer ways of re-orienting to the emotional and physical experience of performing after such a long period of pandemic restrictions. The outdoor stage becomes a symbol for the new ways we navigate being inside and outside; alone and together.

Dani Tirrell

Dani Tirrell

Untitled Work #2

“The piece I am working on is an improvised score. I am working on Soul/R&B/Funk music and how to find the groove and the story as it relates my experiences living in my body. These scores have no distinct story or outcome. It is about the music, the body and spirit.”⁠

Choreographed and Performed by Dani Tirrell
Song: Say So by PJ Morton and JoJo⁠

Artist Bio

dani tirrell, Seattle’s Mayor Arts Award recipient 2019, is a Black, Trans Spectrum, Queer choreographer, dancer, and movement guide. dani has guided people in Detroit and Seattle as well as sharing movement practices in other cities in the United States. Currently dani is the curator for Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas. Dani is the host and co-creator of several online talk programs Sunday Dinner, The Living Room, and Intimate Conversations.

dani is the founder and current artistic director of The Congregation a movement/art group. dani taught at Northwest Tap Connection, Velocity Dance Center, University of Washington Seattle and Bothell campuses. dani has created work for Dance This (Northwest Tap Connection), Strictly Seattle (advance/professional track), Seattle Repertory Theater, Nina Simone Four Women (Directed by Valerie Curtis-Newton). dani is an Arts Matter Fellow, Artists Trust Fellow, and 4Culture Arc Fellow. dani is the Artist in Residence at Velocity Dance Center (2020/2021) and one of 6 Artists in Residence at On the Boards (Seattle, WA)

dani’s production of Black Bois (On the Boards and Seattle Theater Group) was a locally critically acclaimed work that produced sold-out shows in Seattle and is in development for a documentary film. In 2019 dani was the recipient of an Artist Trust Fellowship Award and a Dance Crush Award for Black Bois (performance). dani also received a 2018 Arts Matter Fellowship grant. dani’s new work 46, is a photo exhibit styled, staged, and photographed by dani. This work can be found online under dani’s Instagram profile.

Instagram: @danitirrell
Website: danitirrell.com
Facebook: Dani Tirrell and the Congregation

Drama Tops

Drama Tops

Sweat ‘n Wild

Co-Choreographed and Performed by Elby Brosch(he/him) and Shane Donohue(he/they)

In a hazy room filled with technicolor lights, steamy locker room memories of folding ratty, wet towels and snapping them at one another, fill your mind as two men leap and twirl; they are each other’s complete, sweaty package.

Artist Bio

Drama Tops; Two sweaty queers here to make you cry. Drama Tops was born with the artistic partnership of Elby Brosch and Shane Donohue. They began making work together four years ago with the creation of a solo on two bodies. The dynamic between their trans body and cis body has created beautiful moments of frustration, competition, tenderness, and comedy. Drama Tops blends the worlds of nightlife and concert modern dance to create an interesting and unique blend of accessible, funny modern dance. You may have seen the Drama Tops perform in their self produced show, Drama Tops, this is for you, at Washington Hall, at On the Boards in Northwest New Works, at Velocity in Fall Kick Off, at Kremwerk in Family Meal and Catharsis, in Heels! At Cha Cha, and at a pop up party at Photon Factory.

Instagram: @drama_tops_official

Nia-Amina Minor

Nia-Amina Minor

Dreams of Flight

Choreographed by Nia-Amina Minor
Performed by Michele Dooley, Akoiya Harris, and Nia-Amina Minor⁠

Artist Bio

Nia-Amina Minor is a movement artist + educator. Through performance and teaching, her work converses with Black realities and investigates the intersection of movement, memory, and rhythm.

Originally from Los Angeles, Nia-Amina resides in Seattle. She worked for five seasons as a Company Dancer/Community Engagement Artist Liaison with Spectrum Dance Theater performing in acclaimed works such as Rap on Race, Shot, and Strange Fruit under the direction of Donald Byrd.

Nia-Amina holds a MFA from UC Irvine and a BA from Stanford University. She has taught and guest lectured at UC Irvine, Saddleback College, Cypress College, and University of Washington. Nia-Amina is a co-founder of LA based collective No)one Art House and has presented original work at Seattle Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, WaNaWari, Showing Out: Seattle Black Choreographers Festival, Reflections Festival, and Seattle Black Film Festival. Nia-Amina was recently recognized as Dance Magazine’s 25 Artists to Watch in 2021.

Instagram: @niaaminam
Facebook: Nia-Amina Minor




The gloming hour gleans, the veil thin, the atmosphere sunken, and the song has been siren’d…

Sound: Malaya

Dramaturgy: Alyza DelPan-Monley

Artist Bio

MOONYEKA (my name/goddexx/they/them/she/her) is a non-binary mixed Filipinx movement-based storyteller who is on a journey to integrate their erotic knowledge from various lived experiences, and with the guidance of Aswang*, to offer sensually sacred, erotic, and body experiential spaces, especially for the communities that have raised them. *Aswang is an umbrella term for various shape-shifting, mythological, animist, folkloric, “evil” spirits and creatures in Filipino folklore.

You can support them find out more about group offerings such as Aswang Movement Incantations, SLITHER: a sensual movement practice, and other class offerings at

Patreon: patreon.com/moonyeka
Instagram: @m00nyeka
Website: msha.ke/moonyeka/
PayPal: paypal.me/moonyeka
Venmo: @moonyeka
CashApp: $moonyeka


Intiman Theatre is proud to invite you to join in and celebrate the return of the live arts in a safe, outdoor setting! On the final weekend of summer, Harvard Ave. will transform into the HOMECOMING Performing Arts Festival, featuring vendors, food trucks, artist installations, a beer garden presented with Life on Mars, and over 100 artists performing on the mainstage.

Creative Direction by Jennifer Zeyl & Wesley Frugé
September 18-19, 2021
Harvard Ave. btwn Pike / Pine
Entrance on Pine near 801 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122