// The Bridge Project //


“The Bridge Project is one of Velocity Dance Center’s great gifts to the city.”
 The Stranger

“This opportunity to create new work and build new relationships has given me so much. As I left the space Sunday night, I felt giddy with this connection to a community. Going forward, I have more resources, more connections and so many more people at my fingertips for support in making new projects.”

— Brittani Karhoff, 2013 Bridge Project Artist




The Bridge Project is Velocity’s 4-week program for movement-based artists new to making work in Seattle,  or who have been making work in Seattle for three years or less. This intensive residency offers four artists up to 45 hours of free rehearsal space for a new project while working with a cast of auditioned dancers. Additionally, all artists receive the creative, financial and administrative support of a fully produced weekend of performances at Velocity. In programming The Bridge Project, Velocity aims to enhance the artistic growth of the choreographers, and provide an entry point into the local performance scene for dance artists new to the community.

The Bridge Project simultaneously offers dancers an opportunity to bridge studio work and performance while establishing relationships with a choreographer and other dance artists.  Velocity’s Artist in Residence will be a choreographic advisor to all Bridge Project choreographers during the process. Four Choreographers receive:

  • Fully produced weekend of performances in Velocity’s Founders Theater
  • Three weeks of rehearsal space at Velocity or the University of Washington (graduate only)
  • Three to four hours a day
  • Costume stipend
  • Velocity produced audition for your cast. Performer audition will be held November 1, 2-5pm in Velocity’s Founders Studio.  Choreographers must be available at this time to teach material and select a cast and to stay afterwards to discuss casting.

The 2015 Bridge Project, in celebration of 50 years of UW Dance, will award a special Bridge Project Residency* to one graduate of the University of Washington who has been choreographing in Seattle, outside of school, for three years or less. The Bridge Project UW Dance Residency is a partnership of Velocity and the UW Dance Program.

The 2014 Bridge Project took place January 6 – 31, with three sold-out public performances on January 31 and February 1 and 2 in Velocity’s Founders Theater. With support from the Horizons Foundation, Velocity:

  • Offered 32 artists (choreographers, dancers, and musicians) the opportunity to bridge studio work and performance while establishing relationships between artists.
  • Provided four emerging choreographers 150 hours of free rehearsal and performance space.
  • Paid choreographers for their work.
  • Offered all artists the highest level of technical, administrative and publicity support.
  • “The Bridge Project Response Process” facilitated critical feedback/mentorship
  • Presented cutting-edge contemporary dance work to adventurous Seattle audiences.




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