Spring 2024 Season

This spring, we invite you to join us for a season infused with the alchemy of experimental dance. The season features artists who – driven by curiosity, research, and boldness – meddle with the forces of transformation, creation, and fusion until something entirely new and unique is formed. 

We will begin by channeling the energy of the new year in Bridge Project, our residency for choreographers poised to become future mainstays of the dance world. At the beginning of March, The Seattle Project will meld the lineages of our local dance community with their own. In late March, Pittsburgh’s slowdanger will stir the elements of movement, scenic, and projection design to bring a dash of hope in the face of the impending climate crisis. Finishing our season in May, Lavinia Vago will invite us to a very special place to witness her summon the demons of the underground.

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Bridge Project 2024

Featuring Tariq Mitri, Hsin-Yu Huang & Sonam Tshedzom Tingkhye

FEB 8-10

Every year, we begin the year with a celebration for the new, with the Bridge Project, our program for emerging Seattle dance-makers. Bridge Project is a chance for audiences to get in at the ground floor of an artist’s career – this year features the work of Tariq Mitri, Hsin-Yu Huang & Sonam Tshedzom TingkhyeFeaturing Tariq Mitri, Hsin-Yu Huang & Sonam Tshedzom Tingkhye




By The Seattle Project

MAR 8-9

here because is a multidisciplinary, full-length performance work that highlights some of Seattle’s up and coming artists and those who’ve paved the way. We are here because of the many individuals that created the framework for the Seattle dance community to become what it is today.



By slowdanger

MAR 21-24

SUPERCELL responds to climate consciousness, media sensationalism, desensitization and environmental collapse within a cataclysmic climate event, sparking the question; how do we cultivate hope during continually uncertain times?



By Lavinia Vago

MAY 2-4

From a never-ending research journey of devotion to dance, a performance is birthed.
FKK explores the demons of the underground and the resilience of the body.

As this piece is derived from rave culture, the final dates and special location will be revealed overtime.


Velocity’s Spring 2024 Season is co-curated by Velocity’s recent Curating Artist in Residence, Alyza DelPan-Monley, our Creative Producer, Shane Donohue, and our Executive Director, Erin Johnson.

Our Spring 2024 Season imagery was created by local artist Jordan Kump.



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