A New-Works Series for Artists in Washington, Idaho, Alaska, Oregon, Montana and B.C.

Application deadline:
AUG 17 | Midnight

Curated by Velocity Curating Artist in Residence – Alyza DelPan-Monley, Velocity Artistic Director – Fox Whitney, Miss Texas 1988, Elby Brosch + Marco Farroni


THU – SUN | DEC 8 – 11
THU – SUN | DEC 15 – 18
12th Ave Arts | 1620 12th Ave

Next Fest NW is Velocity’s experimental new works festival, celebrating contemporary dance and movement-based artists innovating in our region. Throughout its history, Next Fest has provided a platform for urgent explorations that will seed projects for years to come to sustain a vibrant dance community in the Pacific Northwest. This year the curatorial team celebrates the lineage of experimentation at the heart of this festival, while exploring how we can support projects and artists beyond the performance dates.

Next Fest NW will present four artists or collaborative teams, selected through a curated application process. Next Fest NW artists will be fully produced at the 12th Avenue Arts theater, receive an $500 artist stipend and an additional $100 materials stipend for the performances; and benefit from artistic, promotional, and technical support.

Curatorial Statement

This year’s theme is about the wheel: invention, innovation, cycles, revolutions. The wheel as a tool, the wheel as metaphor, the wheel as a way of moving forward, while also continuing to return back around, again and again.

In design and innovation, the saying goes that there is no need to reinvent the wheel, that we do not need to create something new when the existing tools are sufficient.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, what if we actually abstract the wheel from the conventional functions we associate with it? How can the wheel itself be taken apart and used anew? After all, the wheel was not invented, but rather was honed and modified over time by many different users based on the functional needs of the people involved in response to the obstacles in the environment and surroundings.

As creators, what would happen if we break the whole into the parts, and saw our work as part of a collective creative process/revolution? What would change about the way we create, the way we build off of the ideas and material that exists, credit the lineages and references while embracing the influences? What happens when we shift away from the need for the individual performance’s ingenuity, to an understanding that both process and performance are part of an interconnected cycle in our community.



  • Current residents of WA, OR, ID, MT, AK and BC over the age of 18.
  • Artists from all disciplines who are working in movement performance.
  • While the focus of the festival will be around 20 min performances, we also welcome proposals for installations, durational performance and other formats.


  • Optional: Workshop your application with Fox + Alyza (please email to schedule a 30 min online review session)
  • Applications go live tentative July 1 + Deadline for submissions –August 17th 2022 / MIDNIGHT PST
  • Work-in-progress Showing – TBD / exact day/times TBD based on artist availability
  • Technical Rehearsal – December TBD / exact times TBD
  • Performances – December 2 weekends 9-11 and 16-18


Email Artistic Director Fox Whitney (Please include “Next Fest” in the subject line)