Fall 2023 Season

Announcing Velocity’s Fall 2023 Season – four projects that deliver your recommended microdose of dance experimentation!

At Velocity we love a good metaphor about the interconnected nature of the arts ecology. Enter mycelium, neural networks, and the innovation of our natural world. We’re not the first to make these connections*, but we are inspired by how natural networks help us see how dance and performance experimentation is a collective (and joyful!) experience between artist, audience, and environment. Former Artistic Director of Velocity, Fox Whitney, writes, “like some varieties of mushrooms, performance art challenges narrow points of view by offering lived communal experiences that result from the unique interests and actions of the artists involved.” This season we’re embracing this ethos with four distinct pieces that share a playful, curious nature and communal process.

With season subscriptions starting at $45, you’ll get four experimental nights out that will pack a creative punch on any budget. Co-create your experimental dance experiences this fall at Velocity.

*We take inspiration from Adrienne Maree Brown, Vu Pham, and Seattle’s own Fox Whitney, (watch this space for new offerings from Fox!).



by Meg Foley [PHL]
SEP 1-4

Blood Baby is an iterative performance quadriptych exploring the intersectional experiences of gender performance, queerness, parenthood, sexuality, and belonging.

Performance, dance and somatics extend beyond a discrete theatrical moment, as four related events—Carpet Womb, Communion, Primordial, and Touch Library—each embrace a distinctive aspect and materiality of the experience of a human body becoming: parenting and parenting queerly, gender dimensions, and building queer universes through choreography, sculpture, and drag. A Queer Parent Convening invites queer and trans parents to connect and share about their experiences.

The Hybrid Lab: Conversations in Merging Dance Cultures is part dance party, part performance cypher, part contemporary performance art, and part conversation facilitated by dancer/choreographer/curator/dance educator Amy O’Neal. The Hybrid Lab is a space for real time dialogue between dancers primarily from and in relation to hip hop culture who merge multiple movement styles and contexts to experiment with artistic form, build community, and shift power dynamics between artists, venues, funders, and audiences. For this engagement, The Hybrid Lab will feature the evolution of Amy O’Neal’s work “A Trio” as well as appearances by Seattle hip hop culture luminaries Orb, Alfredo “Free” Vergara, Tracey Wong, and Majiin O’Neal among others to be announced.


By Alyza Depan-Monley [SEA]
OCT 11-14

Join zaza on a fact-finding adventure, diving into and exploring HANDS: handshakes, hand signals, pinky promises, palm reading, shadow puppets, finger prints, nerve sensation, touch and connection. Using their two hands and ten fingers, as well as other props, metaphors and perhaps a touch of whimsy with a dash of the imagination, we will put our finger on the pulse of these distal appendages, their sensitivity and their capabilities. How and why do we use our hands and what are all the amazing things we can do with them?


with maximiliano [PDX], Kara Beadle [SEA], Danielle Ross [PDX] + Sophie Marie Schatz [TAC]

DEC 7-16

Next Fest NW is Velocity’s experimental new works festival, celebrating contemporary dance and movement-based artists innovating in our region.

Velocity’s Fall 2023 Season is co-curated by Velocity’s current Curating Artist in Residence, Alyza DelPan-Monley, our Creative Producer, Shane Donohue, and our Executive Director, Erin Johnson.


This year, Velocity offered subscriptions to our Fall 2023 season of four performances, as well as individual tickets to all performances and events. All of our tickets are sold at tiered pricing described below. We invite you to self-select the tier that best fits your situation and needs.

This structure is inspired by Alexis J. Cunningfolk’s green bottle pricing structure. Click here to learn more.

Subscriptions to Velocity’s Fall 2023 Season are available thru September 5th!


Subscription: $150

This tier represents the true cost of a ticket to our performances. This tier is for if you are secure in your finances, own your home and car, and can generally purchase your “wants” while regularly meeting all of your basic needs. By selecting this price, you are investing in our community, and affirming the value of live performance and dance.


Subscription: $90

This tier is our “general” ticket price, and it is partially subsidized to increase access to our performances. Choose this level if you have access to steady income and generally have some expendable income after meeting your basic needs. This price sustains our work.


Subscription: $60

This is a subscription-only tier. Velocity centers the needs of movement-based artists in Seattle, and this subscription represents our commitment to affordable access to our performances for artists. This subscription is a way for artists to commit to the practice of seeing work, and a way for artists to support Velocity.


Subscription: $45

This tier is our most accessible ticket price, especially when purchased as a subscription. Choose this level if you often struggle to meet your basic needs, are under or unemployed, and have low- to no savings. For people for whom this price is even too high, we do have a volunteer program to see performances at no cost in exchange for your help.



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Individual tickets to Blood Baby will go on sale in early August. Individual tickets to all other fall season shows will go on sale in late August. 

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Tickets are sold through Velocity’s website until 4pm, when the online box office closes. The physical box office will open 1 hr before the show, and remaining tickets can be purchased at the door. In some cases door prices may be higher than online prices, which will be stated on the webpage.


Artists, programs, casts, dates and prices are subject to change. There are no refunds. Please contact operations@velocitydancecenter.com for all ticket-related questions.


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Any tickets that are not claimed at the scheduled start time of the show will be released to the wait list. Late seating is dependent on the show.


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If Velocity cancels a performance, we will provide ticket-holders with the option to refund or exchange your tickets.